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End Mill Adapter Balance & TIR

End Mill Holder Quality Comparison

PIONEER - L*****(L) - P*****(P) - T*******(T) - T******* S****(TS)

Many of our sales staff have been sharing our competition claims of better quality. I have purchased (1) CAT40 1/2 End Mill Adapter standard length from the manufacturer’s above.


PIONEER is the only holder of the group that includes DIN AD+B Flange Coolant Standard
PIONEER and P***** are the only 2 that include Identification Chip hole in the v-groove
PIONEER and L***** are the only 2 that do pre-balance compensation opposite the end mill screw 


PIONEER and L***** both are within specifications. L***** states 15,000 RPM on the tool, testing shows both better than G6.3 at RPM specified in the catalogs.
The other manufacturer’s have no milled pre-balance compensation. The only holder with balance compensation after grind is PIONEER. I was very shocked on how bad P, T and TS checked. These manufacturer’s claim in their catalogs much better balance that actually checked. Considering what I have seen, only PIONEER and L***** would pass machine builder balance requirements for spindle warranty.


This is very hard to qualify so we used a 1/2” gage pin and check 1.5” from the face of the chuck. Interesting thing about this test. T****** included an inspection report that claims there holder was inspected at 0.016 microns where I actually checked better than what they were saying. End mill tolerance and quality will effect the results. I was also impressed on how well Lyndex ran on TIR. They have done some improvements since the last holder we inspected.

I am certain you will agree we have the clear advantage , there is lower price units but at what quality.

2012-06-29 - Test Performed by Lee Flick