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SX16 vs ER32 Holding Power Test

Test performed 8-31-2012

We performed a test to compare SX16 1/2" vs ER32 1/2" to see which one provides greater holding power.  When milling with a collet chuck torque is key for increasing production.  Many suppliers have test data but few use Micro-Grain Carbide End Mill shanks to perform the test.  By using End Mill blanks we can achieve a realistic power estimate that can be converted into horsepower.

Collet ChuckCAT40-ER32-0250CAT40-SX16-090 
ColletER32-0500 1/2  SX16-M130 (13MM)
Collet Nut Locking Torque100 ft/lbs 70 ft/lbs 
Test Arbor 1/2 h6 Carbide End Mill Blank 1/2 h6 Carbide End Mill Blank  
Slip Test #14060 
Slip Test #24365 
Slip Test #34565 

With 30% less locking torque, SX provides 35% more Radial Driving Torque than ER on a 1/2" Carbide End Mill.