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JetBlast End Mill

Test performed by Mike Morace, Technical Tooling & Gage

Customer XXX
Machining Process- Circle interpolate with a Ø.312, 4-flute carbide endmill
to finish a  hole at Ø.375 and hold a finish of 20 microns or less.
High Pressure Coolant
HAAS Vertical
Material: 304 SS

Standard Endmill Holder
Toolholder: HPI CAT40-EM0310-0250
Parts Machine: 16
Finish: 20 microns and higher
Added second operation to polish parts

Jet Blaster Holder
Toolholder: HPI CAT40-EM0310-0250-C
Parts Machine: 48
Finish: 20 microns or less
Omit secondary operation of polishing

Just think what an SX would have done in this application....