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Tap Shank & Square Chart

  • Blank spaces = non-stock or special collets or adapters
  • Part numbers shown are normally stocked items
  • Sizes shown in ( ) are available in each size, 
    TER (16, 25)D -035 means the collet is available as TER16D-035 and TER25D-035
  • Carbide Taps will pull out of RA & TC adapters, ball bearings cannot bite into the tap shank, use TER collets for tap shanks harder than Rc64.  The results will be flats on the locking balls and tap pull out.
  • Drag lines on a tap shank means the tap is being pulled from the holder.  This indicates a lead error from programming or feed system.  This is very common in turning center with live tooling due to gear back-lash.
  • Torque Control Adapters "MUST" be used in a Tension & Compression holder or Radial Arm system.  Will not function properly in a Rigid holder.
  • Torque Control Adapters are adjustable torque and set to mid steel,
    remove snap ring and turn the slotted face disk + or - to 
    achieve proper setting.
  • RA Adapters can be used in Rigid or T&C Holders
    • When running in Rigid holders, feed rate must match tap pitch exactly
    • When run in T&C Holders program feed rate for:
      • 95-98% of pitch on in-feed
      • 100% of pitch on extraction
    • This will allow the tap to pull out on the springs to cut free, 100% on reverse helps prevent tearing and pulling on the threads, holder should snap back a small amount once the tap dis-engages.