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SX - Super Collet Chuck

Premium Performance
  • Ultimate Precision: 0.0001” TIR Guaranteed on UP Collets
  • Accurate: 4X more accurate than ER with 10X better repeat-ability
  • Powerful: 2X the driving torque than ER
  • Compact Design: Compact designed for close clearance programming
  • Versatile: Designed for Drilling, Reaming, Thread Milling, Tapping & Milling
  • Wide Range: For tooling from 0.031” to 1.000”
  • Dynamically Balanced
    G2.5 @ 25,000 RPM or < 1 gmm

Coolant Cap Sealing System

SX Coolant Caps allows you to add coolant seals to any collet & chuck.  Available in O-ring seal and Jet-Blast Coolant.
Coolant Caps Systems can effect TIR.  Follow the procedure below to eliminate TIR with SX Coolant Caps:
  1. Insert Collet into collet nut
  2. Insert Cap into the nut, leave loose to allow the cap to float to the cutting tool
  3. Insert Cutting Tool
  4. Tighten Collet Nut onto the chuck to recommended tightening torque
  5. Snug Coolant Cap 
This procedure allows the cap to align with the shank of the tool and not influence TIR of the assembly.

Available Caps & Nuts

SX25M Mini-Max Nut 
Mini Clearance Maximum Capacity & Performance

Introducing the next step in performance Collet Chucks.  Designed to fit existing ER32 applications and provide superior TIR, Driving Torque and 25% greater tool capacity.  
The Stub projection model provides superior rigidity in some of the most demanding applications.

  • Nut Diameter of 1.97”, 50mm, same as ER32 for optimal clearance
  • 1” Capacity (ER32 is 3/4”) for extended range
  • 1.75” Stub Designed for Maximum Rigidity
  • Performance Nut for High Radial Slip Torque of 150 ft/lbs on 1” Carbide Shanks
  • 0.0002” TIR at 4” from the Collet Face (1” Tooling)
  • 8° Collet, 4X Better TIR than ER
  • Interchangeable with existing SX25 holders, collets & wrenches
New 3 Micron Guaranteed Collets!
SX-P Collets are the Ultimate in Precision that is cost effective.

  • Hand inspected 3 times @ Pioneer
  • Guaranteed 0.003mm (0.00012") TIR @ 4 Times Tool Diameter from the face of the collet chuck 
    (inspected from master gage)
  • Available in all sizes 
    3mm - 25mm, 1/8 - 1"
Order your 3 Micron Guaranteed system today!

Accuracy "is" Everything
Standard SX Collets are guaranteed for 
0.0002" (0.005mm) @ 4X Tool Diameter, 
that is 1/2 ER systems at 2X the distance from the chuck face!

Upgrade to SX-P Collets and reduce the TIR by 1/2 for Ultimate Performance in your extended length drills!

No one wants to use extensions
but when the job demands it, SX is the answer!

SX extensions use a Mini Nut design for optimal clearance and best performance.
With SX-P collets you have an extension with 3 Micron Repeat-ability!

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