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Yukiwa 5 Axis Tables

  •  Most compact design in class to fit small machines
  • Largest machine-able work area in class
  • Strongest brake torque in class with “Built In” air over hydraulic booster
  • Heaviest duty design in class:

- True Dual Bearing design with nose & tail bearing spindle for “Best in Class” Rigidity 

- Largest diameter bearing, worm wheel and spindle diameter for heavier duty milling

  • Exceptional water protection with patented Auto Air Purging System
  • Available as integrated 5th axis or indexer with programmable YUKIWA AC4 control boxes

 AC4 Control
  • Direct Programming up to 100 programs, total storage of 10,000 Steps
  • Machine Control / Off Line Programmable w/ Machine Macro β Function & RS232 Connection
  • Compact Design

 Available Accessory and Options
  • Manual and pneumatic tail stock
  • Support Spindle
  • Support spindle with face plate and brake
  • Collet, manual scroll, air and hydraulic chuck
  • Super high resolution with rotary scale
  • Submersible EDM package available on all JNC model