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EZ Shrink System

Proper cooling is the key to preventing over heating of the tool holders and long life of the H13 tool steel.  EZ Cool units use your shop coolant to returns the holder to a save to handle temperature in 30 seconds.  EZ Shrink Machine is a 3kw, 30 second unit that functions with 1/8-3/4 (3mm-20mm) cutter shanks (carbide only).  
Pre-programmed and user adjustable EZ Shrink is simple and effective.


3kw, 1/8-3/4 Capacity, 220V, 20A Single Phase
User adjustable settings.


· EZ Shrink Machine

· (2) Bases

· (1) Cutting Tool Tray

· (1) Pair of Gloves


2 Station, 110V, 16A


· EZ Cooling Machine

· (1) Hose Kit

· (1) Cooling Adapter