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EM - End Mill Holders

Premium End Mill Holders 
with "Best in Class" Performance
Premium Precision 0.0001” 
  • Runout taper to bore within 3 Microns (0.0001”) T.I.R.
  • Bore ground to H5 tolerance or better!
Coolant Thru
  • Coolant Thru the Center
  • DIN AD+B Flange Coolant Included
  • Jet Slot Versions Available
Dynamically Balanced
  • 30, 40 & HSK63A - G6.3 @ 20,000 RPM
  • 50 & HSK100A - G6.3 @ 15,000 RPM
ISO AT3 Taper Tolerance
  • Tapers are ground better than AT3 for optimal T.I.R.

Jet-Blast End Mill Holders
Modify any of our End Mill, Shell Mill or Shrink Fit holders with Jet-Blast!  
Not only do we carry more standard projections than anyone else in the industry but now you can order any of our holders with Jet-Blast.  We have invested in the equipment to install coolant ports in any of our stock catalog holders.
  • Any End Mill, Shrink or Shell Mill Holder with a 10" projection or shorter
  • 1-3 day alteration time for items not in inventory, many same day!
  • Expedited Service Available
  • New Lower Pricing!
Fit the holder to your machine's coolant system!
  • Need to increase pressure?
  • Need greater volume of coolant?
Retention knobs all have different coolant holes.  Some as large as 0.44" and as small as 0.07".  Jet-Blast can be fit to your machine's coolant system to achieve the best possible coolant flow and pressure.

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