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Student Code of Conduct

In general all students and staff are expected to conduct themselves in keeping with Christian values. They will use good manners, polite speech and treat all others with respect. Each student, staff member and parent will be honest and truthful in all dealings and accept correction respectfully. A good positive attitude from all is expected at the academy. 

All students are expected to do the following:

  1. Address adults as Mr., Mrs., Miss, Brother (last name), Sister (last name), mom or dad.
  2. Be punctual. If late, students will wait to enter until morning devotional is finished unless directed to enter.
  3. Keep hands and feet to themselves.
  4. Have self-control. Refrain from dishonesty, cheating, hitting, stealing, foul or bad language, sexual harassment, habitual lack of respect for others, dirty, religious or ethnic jokes, belittling or making fun of others, abuse of building or grounds, etc.
  5. Leave calculators (unless required), toys, radios, and all unrelated gadgets at home unless approved by administrator. Sharing time items are to be kept in students backpack until the allotted time. Cell phones, iPods, and other such items will be turned OFF during school hours. The academy does not accept any responsibility for these items.
  6. Bring pencil, paper, books, etc., to class each day. No personal items, except school supplies, should be left overnight at the school. Any personal items left overnight cannot be secured.
  7. Complete all assignments on time and to the best of their ability. A MINIMUM of 80 percent completion of all assigned work is required.
  8. Work with teachers and parents to set quarterly goals.
  9. Participate in morning devotionals.
  10. Assist with classroom care and clean up.
  11. Follow all academy and classroom rules.
  12. Begin studies quietly upon arrival each day.
  13. Respect property and rights of others.
  14. Be familiar with and adhere to the seven governing principles of PHA.
  15. Strive to make the class better each day.
  16. Refrain from running, yelling or any other noisy or disruptive behavior when inside the building.
  17. Show respect for the property, and buildings at all times and play only in designated areas.
  18. No roughhousing.
  19. Do not go in the parking lot except when going to your car. 
  20. No snacking will be allowed during class time. During break and lunch time students may eat food in the designated areas. Organized snacks, such as cupcakes on a birthday, should be prearranged with the teacher. We encourage the students to bring their own water bottles.