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Graduation Requirements

At Pioneer Heritage Academy, we believe that the pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong quest.  Graduation signifies the mastery of all that the academy has to offer a student. When it has been determined that a student has achieved mastery, he or she will be recommended for graduation.  (Graduates will be awarded a non-accredited diploma.  When applying for college, please contact the colleges to find out more information on applying as a home school student.)

Each student desiring to graduate from Pioneer Heritage Academy must:
  1. Complete all assignments on time.
  2. Have an attendance record showing a minimum of 80% attendance.
  3. Have excellent work habits.
  4. Be able to assess his or her strengths and weaknesses with accuracy and humility.
  5. Be an example of moral courage, integrity, fortitude, and discipline.
  6. Accept full responsibility for his or her education.
  7. Demonstrate mastery of grammar, history, math, and science.
  8. Provide a service for PHA which will enhance the academy for years to come.
  9. Complete a math level (generally at least Algebra II) determined by the math teaching staff and have consistently completed the set math goal for each year.
  10. Submit an essay explaining what PHA means to him or her in 200 words or less.
  11. Complete a research paper.
  12. Complete an approved community service requirement.
  13. Complete the core, four-year high school program.
After the Administrator and senior teachers have reviewed the student's records and can recommend the student for graduation, the prospective graduate will meet with the Board of Directors to make an accounting of all the above requirements.