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General Policies

IMMUNIZATIONS – All immunization records or an exempt form must be on file at the academy.

PARTICIPATION – Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom and also on the several available sub-committees that enrich the school experience.

HOME STUDY – Home study time is an important part of the PHA course of learning. Math and language skills should be practiced daily. Other lessons should be completed at home to keep up to date on all other assignments. Parents need to assist students, as necessary, with homework and help them keep track of their progress and goals.

NON-DISCRIMINATORY POLICY – Families and students of all religious affiliations, faiths, and races are welcome at the academy.

OPEN CAMPUS – PHA has an open campus policy. Parents and/or visitors are welcome to attend at any time. Visitors should, however, check in with the administrator first, be non-disruptive, and adhere to academy policies and codes of conduct. If you need to pick up your child during the school day, please check with the administrator or their teacher.

TELEPHONE – The academy has a phone available for use at all times. Students must ask permission to use the phone.

FIELD TRIPS – Anytime students are away from the academy for a school function or activity they are subject to the same rules, standards, and dress code as they are on school premises. Students are expected to always act civilly and be polite. Each child is required to wear a seat belt and have a signed permission slip. Parents assisting with field trips and outings must comply with the directions of the staff in charge of the activity.

SNOW/STORM DAYS – School cancellation due to weather will be announced by a call to your home by 7:00 a.m. or the night before if possible.

SUBSTITUTE RIDES HOME – If your child is to ride home with someone other than the regularly scheduled driver, please send a note or call the school to notify us of the change.

LOST & FOUND – The administrator will keep a lost and found box. Check it often. Any items not claimed after three months will be donated to a local charity.