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Dress Code

  • God is honored by how we adorn our bodies that He gave us. Any attire that distracts from the Holy Spirit is not appropriate. 
  • Clothing shall be appropriate for the activity. Excesses are to be avoided. Modesty and cleanliness will define attire and hairstyles. 
  • The dress code shall be enforced first by the student, then the parents, and finally by the staff. 
  • Parents of students with unacceptable attire will be called to pick up their student or bring an acceptable change of clothes.
  • The following are considered unacceptable; earrings on boys, other body piercing on boys or girls, and any hats, caps, or tattoos. 
  • Clothing will comply with the following outline: 

Spirit Day 


Button-up shirts with collar


Dress pants (no denim pants)


An appropriate dress OR nice shirt or blouse with a skirt  (skirt/dress length must be at the bottom of the knee or longer even if wearing leggings)

Regular Days 

Boys and girls

Nice pants or jeans (or skirts for girls) 

    • Must not be excessively large, small, short, frayed, faded, worn or have holes. 
    • No shorts, capri, or crop pants allowed.
Sweaters, sweatshirts, collared shirts, or t-shirts
    • Must not have writing, words or pictures, other than a small logo. 
    • Must not be low cut, sleeveless, strapless, or midriff showing. 
    • Must not be excessively worn, faded, or have holes.