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Regular attendance is important to a child’s success in class and establishes good work habits and self-discipline. A child who has received a proper nights rest will be better prepared to learn and participate in class time as well. All absences are to be verified by a call to the administrator prior to or on the day of the absence. Please inform the teacher and administrator when taking your child from the academy before the scheduled end of the school day.

ILLNESS – Students should notify their teacher if they become ill during the school day. The staff will contact parents to pick the child up from school. Please be courteous and do not send a sick or contagious child to the school. If desired, home assignments can be requested when reporting the absence to the administrator.

EXTENDED ABSENCES – If a student is planning an extended vacation or absence, please notify the teacher two weeks in advance, or as soon as possible, so that the student may be informed about what work will be required to stay current with their studies. Missed assignments will be requested upon return.

FAMILY/PERSONAL – If there is a death, terminal illness, or a similar traumatic situation in your family which may affect the student’s attendance, emotional well being, or level of concentration, please inform us.