Pioneer Heritage Academy is a parent-run, non-profit organization located in Portland, Oregon, that exists for the purpose of assisting parents in educating their children. All PHA parents should be prepared to take full responsibility for their children's educations through communicating with teachers, ensuring children take the standardized testing required for all home school students by law, and being aware of what each child is learning at PHA.

Pioneer Heritage Academy was founded in 1998 by a group of families desiring to educate their children in the importance of America's Christian heritage and the pursuit of learning as a life-long personal habit. Consistent throughout the curriculum is the recognition of God's hand in the establishment of this great nation, the accountability of its citizens, and the importance of adherence to the enduring principles upon which it was founded.

Students at Pioneer Heritage Academy are taught the importance of character and moral courage in the pursuit of academic excellence and public service and maintain high academic, behavior, and dress standards.  The small class sizes (9 or fewer for elementary and 15 or fewer for junior high and high school age) ensure that the teachers can work with parents to get to know each student's needs.  Pioneer Heritage has many of the advantages of home schooling while allowing students to also experience a classroom setting. Students attend classes from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m three days a week for instruction in a core curriculum and then complete assignments at home. All other desired curriculum is the parents' responsibility. This structure allows for family time and allows parents to help their students learn time-management skills. The 100-percent volunteer staff is comprised of committed parents of current and former students.  All parents at PHA are expected to participate fully in their children's education both at home and through a variety of volunteer opportunities, which can be chosen to fit the needs and circumstances of each family.  

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