I am so excited to be teaching at PCA!
On my website, you will find useful information regarding dates, important events, assignments, and other miscellaneous bits of information.

Don't Work Harder- Work Smarter! Get Remind!
Sign up for class text message reminders using the Remind app. I will periodically send out reminders about upcoming events, assignments, and other things. These will go straight to your cell phone without the need to check your email each day. If you're like me, I'm attached to my cellphone! If you like convenience, this app is for you! Sign up for my class (Bradley Bunch) by doing the following:
Method 1: text the code @msb3pca to the number 81010. This will send text messages to your cellphone.
Method 2: Download the remind app (app logo looks like the picture above), create an account, and add yourself to my class by putting in the code after the @ sign: msb3pca
Boom! That's it!

Methods for the Madness:
(Conversation Level, How to ask auestion, Movement allowed, Participation)
Our CHAMP changes with every subject to ensure that all students can see and understand what is expected of them at all times. 

A point system that rewards students for good behavior by giving points for desired actions, and taking points for less-than desired actions. Students will use their points as "money" to buy rewards like "sitting in the teacher's chair" and "recess lunch" and "Free-sit day."
Once the student uses points, they will be deducted from their account (just like a bank).
Students have the option to save or spend their points as they receive them.

Here are the items your child will be completing on a weekly basis:
  • Math Workbooks: Your child will have a couple of pages to complete from the math lesson covered that day. Some of the problems will be completed during the math lesson with me.
  • Multiplication: Your child will make multiplication flash cards every Monday. They will study them every night during the week. Multiplication quizzes are on Fridays.
  • Spelling: They will receive a list on Monday and practice/study the words throughout the week. Spelling quizzes will be o Fridays.
  • Reading: They will receive a packet of reading passages  and questions on Monday. They will need to read the passages and answer the questions by Friday.
  • Readtheory.org:  They will need to read passages and answer questions about those passages. They need two scores of 80% or above by Friday. These scores do not need to be consecutive.
  • ReflexMath.com: They will need to complete reflexmath two times a week. Ask your child's teacher if you need assistance logging in.
  • Also, one crucial part of being in 3rd grade increasing stamina. We need to increase their stamina throughout the year so they are able to stay focused and fresh throughout the EOG testing time.
  • **If you do not have access to internet, let me know. When the kids start doing online homework I can make time for them to do it at school.
  • **If you want your child to do extra work, they can always do more passages on Readtheory or extra problems on TenMarks. 
Spelling Words This week!


Don't Miss out!
Upcoming Dates:
May 22nd: EOG Reading
May 23rd: EOG Math
June 1st: Zoo Fieldtrip
June 4th: Field day (Rescheduled from Friday, May 18th)

**Please remember that all test/quiz dates are tentative. It is possible for them to change depending on our classroom schedule and how the kids are doing with the material. If there are any changes, we will let you know.