All-District Audition Material for next year, 2019-2020 is found on this website:

 Lessons begin at 11:50 and end at 12:05.

Monday: Percussion

Tuesday: Flute/ Oboe

Wednesday: Clarinets and Saxophones

Thursday: Brass

Concert Band begins Tuesday, Sept. 4th

Symphonic Band Begins Thurs. Sept. 6th

Both rehearsals are from 3:30-5:00.

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Symphonic and Concert Band Repertoire

Band Repertoire

Respectful behavior, personal accountability, and preparedness will be expected for each individual who attends band class, regardless of skill or experience.  We follow the same guidelines for behavior as the Pinnacle Classical Academy Handbook. Our ensemble performs throughout the community and needs to maintain a respectful demeanor to represent the culture at PCA.  Teachers, parents volunteers, and peers will be treated with respect and kindness, and the same will be shown to our musicians in attendance.

Important Dates for the upcoming school year

  1.  Movie Fundraiser: Friday, Jan 18th.  $5.00 Pizza Dinner and fun! Choir, Ukulele Club, and Band invited to attend

  1. January 12th All-District auditions, High School

  2. January 25-26th All-District Performance, High School

  3. Volunteer performance at retirement home: March 9th

  4. April 26 and 27th All Metro Area Charter School Band, Middle School and High School students

  5. Carowinds Battle of the Bands: May 10th 5:20

  6. Spring concert: May 16th, Don Gibson

As we continue to grow and expand our music program here at PCA, the logical progression would be the implementation of  a band program for our middle and high shcool grade students.  

Pinnacle Classical Academy Music Educationdcf56556cabb0c4068c6c70af60bca98.jpg

Elizabeth Bill

Pinnacle Classical Academy Music Teacher

National Board Certified Teacher, Early Childhood Education

K-12 Highly Qualified NC Music Teacher

Classroom Overview

Students in grades 6-8 meet for General Music for a 9 week semester per school year.  Students in all grade levels learn elements of music (steady beat, rhythm, melody, texture, timbre, dynamics), music theory, music history, and demonstrate proficient knowledge in musical performance through assessed classroom performances.  High School students have Band as an elective if they choose to continue to take music courses.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Middle School and High School students are given the opportunity to perform in a concert and symphonic band ensemble, as well as a choral ensemble.  Students meet once a week after school to rehearse for their specific ensemble. Students who choose band as an elective in high school will meet during the school day, Monday-Friday.  Students in grades 3-5 have a Bright Beginners Violin Class taught by Mrs. Sharon Lawrence.

The High School Ukulele Club will meet every Monday to rehearse chords and strumming techniques.  All clubs hold two formal concerts a year and several informal performance opportunities are held throughout the year.


Donorschoose Grants

Please take the time to review donorschoose grants for the music room or for teachers nationally looking for help in their classrooms.

Band Booster Club/ PCA Band

Parents and members of the community,
Looking for a way to support the arts at PCA?  Join the PCA Band Booster Club!  Membership is free and the rewards are priceless.  You can help from the comfort of your own home.  We have several volunteer opportunities that need to be filled.  Please contact our Booster Club Presidents Robin and David Kester.

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