What's happening in Mrs. Fleming's room?

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Welcome to 5th grade Class of 2027!
I am looking forward to a wonderful year in 5th grade!
You will find the weekly updates under "School Stuff-weekly news and notes".

Mrs. Fleming's- homeroom schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

7:45-8:15         Arrive, Unpack, Morning Work, Study Hall
8:15-9:15         Math with Mrs. Price’s Homeroom
9:15-10:15       Science with Mrs. Price’s Homeroom
10:15-10:45     Writing/Grammar
10:45-11:38     Interdisciplinary (M- Music   T-Media   W-PE    F-Art)
11:40-12:10     Lunch
12:10-12:50     LLI/Small Group
12:50-1:50       Science with Mrs. Fleming’s Homeroom
1:50- 2:45        Math with Mrs. Fleming’s Homeroom
2:45-3:15         Recess
3:15-3:20         Pack-up and Dismissal


7:45-8:15         Arrive, Unpack, Morning Work, Study Hall
8:15-9:15         Math with Mrs. Price’s Homeroom
9:15-10:15       Science with Mrs. Price’s Homeroom
10:15-10:45     Writing/Grammar
10:45-11:38     Science with Mrs. Fleming’s Homeroom
11:40-12:10     Lunch
12:10-12:50     LLI/Small Group
12:50-1:08       Math with Mrs. Fleming’s Homeroom
1:08-2:01         Interdisciplinary (STEM)
2:03-2:45         Math with Mrs. Fleming’s Homeroom (Continued)
2:45-3:15         Recess
3:15-3:20         Pack-up and Dismissal
Quizlet Folders!

This year we will use Ready Math as our math curriculum.  Your child will have differentiated instruction using iReady at school and home. 

Please use your child's www.reflexmath.com , and www.iready.com logins to practice skills he/she may be struggling with or to enrich skills that he/she may have already mastered. A great website to use as a resource for math explanations is www.khanacademy.com. This is at home remediation and enrichment.  

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We are currently studying grammar and parts of speech. 

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The class Scholastic book order code is N9M9B.

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Students will regularly use seven different websites in my class.  Students use these websites to enrich, support, and differentiate instruction.  Using technology helps me teach your child based on his/her individual skills.  You are also able to click the progress button on each website and view your child's progress.  The progress is part of the data I analyze to differentiate instruction and assist you in preparing your child for sixth grade.

learnednotebooks.com  will be used when students missed notes in class.  Students are able to get some of the notes from this site but will also need to ask a friend to get the rest of their notes.
classroom.google.com will be used to post articles, quizzes, tests, and a wide variety of assignments.
www.discoveryeducation.com Discovery Education is part of your child's homework for the school year.  At the beginning of each quarter assignments will be assigned and must be completed by the end of that quarter as a homework grade. 
www.reflexmath.com is practice multiplication and division fluency.
www.usatestprep.com is practice on individualized skills your child is struggling with in science and social studies.  The information is based on his/her benchmark testing. 
www.legendsoflearning.com is games to review science content.
www.edulastic.com is a site I use to assign practice EOG style tests.  This site is not one that may be used without me assigning a test to the students.
www.typing.com to practice typing skills.

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Please make sure you are keeping up with your child's grades on Power School.  If you are having difficulty logging in please email Mrs. Deaton at adeaton@pinnacleclassicalacademy.com
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Mrs. Fleming’s and Mrs. Price’s 5th 

grade supply list 2019-2020

These items are the
student’s responsibility to keep replenished in his/her belongings. These items will not be turned into the community supplies and must be labeled with student’s name. There will not be a class supply of these items. The items your child will need to keep with them at all times are:
  • Backpack and lunch box- Please refer to the dress code when selecting these items.
  • Zippered pencil pouch- Pencil boxes get in the way, get knocked into the floor, and do not fit into the student seat sacks.
  • Highlighter
  • 3 pencil top erasers (Please keep the others at home to replenish as you run low.)
  • 3 pencils Please keep the others at home to replenish as you run low.
  • scissors
  • 3-ring binder large enough to hold  folders and 2 one subject composition books
  • 4 folders- Preferably those with hole punches ready for a 3 ring binder and without metal prongs labeled math/science, social studies, CKLA, and writing/vocabulary to collect materials.
  • 2 one subject composition books to use throughout the year for math and writing. Only two are needed in your child’s possession at a time, one for each math notes and writing. Packets are given for science and social studies.  CKLA (language arts) has a workbook for each unit.  The notebooks will need to be replenished as your child uses them up.
  • Pencil sharpener with collector attached
  • Earbuds labeled with your child’s name. These are a must!
  • Crayons- An 8 or 16 crayon pack will suffice to have the basic colors.
    *Please place the 4 labeled folders and 2 labeled one-subject notebooks in the 3-ring binder before the first day of class. In your pencil pouch, please place pencils, pencil sharpener, erasers, highlighter, scissors, and earbuds. 
  • Recorder for music class.  This will be required around December or January.  Do not bring the recorder to school until asked to do so by Miss Duncan.
  • The following items will be turned in to the community supplies for classroom use:

  • 2 boxes of tissues
  • 2 tubs disinfecting wipes
  • 1 pack of copy paper
  • 2 roll paper towels
  •  Please turn into the art room 1 package of colored Sharpies, or dry erase markers, or multi-colored pens, or gel pens. 


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My #1 wish is for every parent to have a background check! Stop by the front office and Ms. Self will assist you with the paperwork.  The background check is valid for as long as you are at PCA!

digital camera (Used is fine.  I would like to have one for the students to use during class to take pictures for the yearbook.)


Fins & Critters gift cards to purchase supplies

4 cow hearts for dissection- Thank you Kyli Herndon's family for the donation of hearts!  You are awesome. 

Amazon gift cards

Teacher Pay Teachers gift cards

Aquatic plants for ecosystem (We can never have too many.)

Air plants

Any hard to kill plant

hand sanitizer
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During the school year I will update the calendar and delete dates as they pass. 

Mar. 9 PEAK Meeting 3-12 Campus
Mar. 20 End of Q3
Mar. 27 Kindergarten Orientation Day, No School
Apr. 3 Spring Fling 6:00-8:00
Apr. 6 PEAK Meeting K-2 Campus
Apr 10-17 Spring Break, No School
Apr. 24 Family Fun Movie Night and Spring Carnival  7:00-9:00 PM
May 4 Progress Reports
May 8 Parent -Teacher Conferences, No School
May 11 PEAK Meeting 3-12 Campus
May 16   50/50 Raffle & Talent Show
May 25 Memorial Day, No School
May 29 High School Graduation
June 3 Last Day of School, Early Release

  • If you have not already done so, please stop by the office and have a background check completed.  Volunteers are very much appreciated in the classroom.  The background checks are good as long as your child attends PCA!
  • Don't forget to send in Box Tops, Campbell's Labels for Education and don't forget about Ten for the Top.
  • To order a lunch from TGMH Caters go to https://tgmhcaters.orderlunchexpress.com  First time users will use the password PCA1 and then you will set up your own username and password.

Please help keep your child on track to meet his/her goal for the year.   You may assist your child by partner reading books on his or her level.  Pinterest is loaded with free games to make and activities to do with your child for the different math and science units we progress through. One of the easiest ways to help keep your child on track to meeting his/her goal is to regularly check his/her progress on Discovery Education and Moby Max.  If you are unsure of how to do this or what the numbers mean please come in to see me and I will gladly show you how to do this and what the scores mean. 

During the 2019-2020 school year, we will be using the 10 point grading scale. Please read what each grade means.