October Curriculum Update and Reminders
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Chapters 3 and 4 focus on multiplication and division.  Students will learn order of operations.  It is VITAL for your students to know their multipliction facts by memory up to 12. 

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We are currently finishing our Human Body unit.  The next focus will be Chemistry.  Students will learn basic terms and concepts like atoms. As students use models of atoms, they will become familiar with the particles (protons, neutrons, electrons) atoms are made of and will learn about positive and negative charge.  Following the study of atoms we will move into matter, volume and density. 

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  • October 3/4 - MAP testing
  • October 3 - PEAK meeting - Upper Campus
  • October 10 - Renaissance Festival Field trip
  • October 13 - College Spirit Day! Wear your favorite team and jeans!
  • October 13 - Fall Festival at Lower Campus
  • October 23 - End of 1st nine weeks
  • October 28 - PEAK yard sale; Lower Campus
  • November 9 - Parent Teacher Conferences; No school for students

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We will visit the Library each Tuesday at 2:15.  
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Unit 2 - The Middle Ages
The Big Idea of this unit is that the period known as the Middle Ages was an important time in the history of Europe. Many of the developments that occurred during that time still influence Western society today. This unit orients students to historical events and developments following the fall of the Roman Empire, such as the rise in power of the Christian Church, the development of the feudal system, the Norman Conquest, the growth of towns and the subsequent weakening of feudal ties, the creation of modern legal concepts, and the Black Death. The content in this unit will serve as the basis for studying Islam. It also serves as a basis for units in later grades about the Renaissance and the Reformation.

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 As we are studying the Middle Ages during our Reading block, we will reinforce information about Medieval Europe in Social Studies.  After the collapse of the Roman Empire in western Europe, a period of unrest, conflict, and
transformation took place. Many of the developments that occurred in western Europe during
the Middle Ages are still relevant today, including laws that originated hundreds of years ago.  Students in Core Knowledge schools should be familiar with:
• Greek and Roman history
• Volga, Danube, and Rhine Rivers; Mediterranean Sea
• Christianity and Islam
• Constantine: the first Christian emperor
• Vikings from Scandinavia.  During this unit students will learn:  Geography related to the development of western Europe
–– Rivers: Danube, Rhine, Rhône, and Oder
–– Mountains: Alps and Pyrenees
–– Iberian Peninsula: Spain and Portugal
–– France: the region known as Normandy
–– Mediterranean Sea, North Sea, and Baltic Sea
–– British Isles: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales; the English Channel
• Background
–– Beginning about 200, nomadic, warlike tribes began moving into
western Europe, attacking the Western Roman Empire; city of Rome
sacked by Visigoths in 410; Attila and the Huns threaten Rome.
–– Peoples settling in old Roman Empire, including Vandals (compare
English word vandalism), Franks in Gaul (now France), Angles in
England (compare Angle-land), and Saxons in England.
–– The Middle Ages are generally dated from about 450 to 1350.
–– Approximately the first three centuries after the fall of Rome (476) are
sometimes called the Dark Ages.
• Development in the history of the Christian Church
–– Growing power of the pope (bishop of Rome)
–– Arguments among Christians leading to the split between Roman
Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church
–– Conversion of many Germanic peoples to Christianity
–– Rise of monasteries and preservation of classical learning

 I will not post an additional homework sheet on our website.  Please pull up the class calendar and you will find the homework posted there.
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