March Curriculum Update and Reminders
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This week students will slightly shift their learning focus from understanding fractions and decimals (and their equivalents) to applying the 4 operations to decimals and fractionsStudents will test Tuesday on decimals, fractions, and being able to comparing the two.

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Students are beginning a technology infused unit that integrates their learning from STEM.  They will join a google classroom and have to complete several scavenger hunts on websites providedThis will lay the foundation skills needed to research and write biographies that will begin after we return from Spring Break.

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We will begin learning and practicing test taking skills during the month of January.  In class, students will be introduced to the RUNNERS strategy.  

R Read the title and predict
U Underline key words in the       
N Number the paragraphs 
N Now read the passage 
E Enclose key words 
R Reread the questions 
S Select the best answer

We are continuing our study of the American Revolution.  As we are reading, we are using close reading strategies to cite evidence from the text when answering inferencing, discussion, and retell questionsStudents need to be reading on a consistent basis outside of school to practice good Reading habits

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 Students are rediscovering our Nations Road to Independence.  This week will we focus on the the timeline of events for Trenton, Valley Forge and Saratoga.  Students will be able to explain the Continental Army face many challenges and defeats in the years following the Declaration of Independence.

 I will not post an additional homework sheet on our website.  Please pull up the class calendar and you will find the homework posted there.  It has been requested the classroom homework calendar be updated daily.  As has been our procedure all year, the planner is our immediate go to for any questions of homework and then the website calendar is the second credible source.  
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 Informative/Explanatory Writing 5 Square Paragraph
 During this unit, students will learn how to write informative/explanatory text.  By the end of the unit, student will produce a piece that includes transitional words and phrases, develops a topic with facts, provides a concluding statement, will strengthen their writing while planning, revising, and editing, correctly use frequently confused words, use relative pronouns and adverbs, use commas before a conjunction in a compound sentence and will spell grade level words correctly.

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  • Tentative Test Dates:

    3/9      Spelling Test

    3/14    Math test:  order of operations using decimals

    3/16     Spelling Test

    3/21   Unit 7 Content Test on American Revolution

    3/22     Unit 7 Unit assessment – Reading comprehension and grammar practice.

Spring Pictures 3/13
MAP Testing 3/15,3/16
Spring Fling 3/16