Welcome to the webpage for 504 for Pinkerton Academy.  This page is designed to provide resources and information about disabilities and education.  

Section 504 of the American with Disabilities Act provides equal access for all individuals with mental or physical impairments or disabilities.  Unlike Special Education services outlined in an IEP (Individualized Education Program), Section 504 is a GENERAL Education initiative and, under this law, students are provided accommodations necessary to access the curriculum.

This website has pages to provide information to parents, teachers, and students about Section 504, disabilities, and supports.

The Fact Sheets for each disability include a definition of the disability/disorder/impairment, practical teaching tips, causes, prevalence, and additional resources.

Questions on the legal aspects of Section 504 and disabilities can be found in the ADA page.

Executive Functioning skills are those from which we have the capabilities to organize, plan, problem solve, initiate and complete tasks, manage time, and develop goals. These skills are developed in the frontal lobe of the brain.  New research is being done regularly to learn more about how these skills, and skills deficits, affect young people in the learning process.

Additional resources, webpages, links, and practical information can be found on the Resources page.

Please leave your questions, concerns, comments and success stories on the Questions/Comments page!

The U.S. Department of Education,
Office for Civil Rights
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Tel: (617) 289-0111
TTY: (877) 521-2172
FAX: (617) 289-0150
Web Contact: www.ed.gov

Pinkerton Academy has designated the following individual as its Coordinator of 504:

Mrs. Jen Hamilton
Pinkerton Academy
5 Pinkerton Street, Derry, NH 03038
Telephone (603) 437-5200 ext. 2128 Fax (603) 437-5207
E-mail: JHamilton@pinkertonacademy.org 


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