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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was a bold and brilliant Roman general and politician who had numerous military conquests and significantly expanded the Roman territory. He was born to a prestigious family clan, but to gain true power he had to campaign with great skill as an orator and lavish bribes. He eventually enjoyed military success in places like Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, and even as far and England. These conquests enriched him in terms of money and prestige. Caesar was an excellent writer, and his accounts of his travels and battles are the primary works that survive today. At age 51 he broke the long-standing rule of not leading an army across the Rubicon River back into Rome. His doing so signaled his intention to seize total power, which he eventually did. His rise to this total power included time in northern Africa, where he had a long affair with Cleopatra. He returned in 44 b.c. to Rome, where senators unhappy with his declaring himself dictator for life assassinated him.
Just of Julius Caesar

"This coin was minted in Italy around 49 BC. On the obverse is an elephant walking and trampling on a horned serpent. Below that is the emblem "CAESAR" and on the reverse are culullus, aspergillum, axe and apex." romanemperors.com

The orange shows the extent of Roman territory by the time of Caesar's death in 44 b.c.

Roman aqueduct

A Roman aqueduct.