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Capital of Minoan Crete. Grander, more complex, more flamboyant than any other palace known. 
According to Greek Mythology: Built by Daedalus, the great inventor. He made it so complex it's said that whoever is placed in it cannot find the exit. Knossos was linked with the mythical eternal Labyrinth. King Minos, kept Daedalus as a prisoner so he wouldn't reveal the palace plans to anyone. This is where the story of Daedalus and Icarus took place and where Theseus and Minotaur story took place. Hard to imagine it as place of torment and death because the place radiates with joyous exuberance. Destroyed and rebuilt twice. End of Knossos: Mycenaeans and earthquake. Earthquake: Volcano erupted in near-by Thera (Santorini) Mycenaeans re-built the damaged palace. Knossos became an important base of operations and capital of the Mycenaeans until destroyed by fire and then abandoned. You can read more about it Here and here

This is where they believed a god was sitting. The king didn't really sit here in the "Throne Room"

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