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Agamemnon is a Greek warrior king (mortal) who is the son of Atreus, king of Mycenae/Argos. After Agamemnon’s father died, Agamemnon and his brother, Menelaus, sought sanctuary with Tyndareus, king of Sparta. Agamemnon eventually married one of Tyndareus’ daughters, Clytemnestra. They had four children, one boy named Orestes, and three girls named Iphigeneia, Electra, and Chrysothemis. Agamemnon later became king of his father’s previous kingdom, Mycenae. After Paris had taken Helen, Agamemnon’s brother’s wife, Agamemnon declared war against the Trojans for vengeance. When Agamemnon was going to set sail for Troy, the wisest soothsayer in the Greek army, Calchas, told Agamemnon that the wind would not blow until he sacrificed his daughter Iphigeneia to the Artemis, the Mistress of the Hunt. This was Agamemnon’s punishment for killing one of Artemis’ sacred animals and boasting that he thought he was a better hunter than even Artemis. Agamemnon decided that he would trick Iphigeneia by telling her that she was going to marry Achilles, but when she arrived at the altar, she was tied up and slaughtered. The Greek myths say that “Blood was shed to betoken future bloodshed: Death led the fast ships onward to Troy” (The Greek Myths - The Greeks Prepare for War).

The mask of Agamemnon was discovered Heinrich Schliemann in 1876 at Mycenae, and is now believed to pre-date back to the Trojan War.                       
   This gold mask was discovered by Heinrich 
   Schliemann in 1876 at Mycenae, and 
   Schliemann claimed it was the mask of 


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