The Myths Resources Site Project asks you to contribute a page to our collaborative site on topics related to the study of the Odyssey. The goal is to create a dynamic and rich resource to help in our study of the Vbook. This sample page about Rome's Julius Caesar gives you a sense of the expectations for the page you create. See screenshots and videos below on topics like adding images and videos to your page, adjusting the layout and other features, and on making custom maps.

All pages
250 words or less of primary text
4+ images (only a minority of pictures should be of modern actors)
interactive custom map you make with 4+ points, shapes, or lines, each of which has images and text
2+ videos
A works cited / consulted list at the bottom (like the Caesar sample page's) with linked urls (no Wikipedia)
Something more? Can you think of content or technical elements that will enrich and impress?

Who the god is related to and their relationships
Quick summaries in your own words of two key stories involving the god
What the god rules over--skills, territories, customs, etc. 
Symbols associated with the god

Literary characters
Who the character is related to
Quick summaries in your own words of key stories
Epithets and symbols associated with the character

Places, practices, customs, etc.
The specific content will vary, but what do we need to know to get a good introduction to your topic?

Quick screenshot tips for Google Sites. See short videos here for fuller explanations. Click images to enlarge. 

Insert images, links, lines, maps, videos, and more:

Change a page's layout:

Adjust the size, orientation, link destination, and text wrap of an image, or delete it:

Here is a Maps Engine Lite Introduction video, and below are quick screenshot tips on making maps with https://mapsengine.google.com/map/.

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