Welcome Pine-Richland Class of 2026

Dear Fifth Grade Families,

Below is a review of key info shared at the beginning of the year. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

* Daily Expectations - The children will need their binders and all of their books and materials each day in class. Every student received a green homework folder on the first day of school with one side labeled “Return to School” and the other “Keep At Home”. We have asked the kids to place all assignments due for the following day in the homework folder so that ALL assignments are in one place upon arrival. Any notes that are sent home to you or that you send into us should be placed in the folder as well. It will be handy for your child to have a supply of (labeled first & last name) pencils, pens, markers, erasers, highlighters, and such.

* Rewards for Positive Behavior – When caught “being good” students will be given a Positive Pick. We will have a weekly drawing of the positive picks for prizes. They might include a free homework pass, a pass to sit in the teacher’s chair for a day, a hat pass, pencils, pens, erasers, etc. We also track compliments received for good manners and behavior from teachers and administrators throughout the building. After filling the chart, students will vote on a class reward, ranging from a variety of options.

* Classroom Community – Our classroom is a community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other, both in the classroom and throughout the building. If a rule is broken, the student will sign the “Goof Chart.” 1st offense of the week = 5 minutes of reflection; 2nd offense of the week = 10 minutes; 3rd offense of the week = “action plan”. After the 3rd offense or when deemed appropriate by the teacher, the student will create an “action plan” that will be signed by the student, parent, and teacher.

* Homework Policy –Homework is an important component of education. It not only reinforces concepts and skills taught in school, but also serves as a communication tool between school and home. Homework allows students to share with parents what occurred during a school day. We will try our best not to assign homework on weekends, but occasionally it may happen. In addition, we will never assign homework as a punishment.

* Grading Scale - Your child will be assessed in a variety of forms throughout the duration of the school year including homework, quizzes, tests, writing samples, projects, and much, much, more. It is important that students are held accountable for their work and, therefore, assessed for most of what they complete. Grades will be based on total points. The grading scale that the Pine-Richland School District uses is as follows: 100%-90% = A, 89% - 80% = B, 79% - 70% = C, 69% - 60% = D, 59% - Lower = F

* Grades / Report Cards- The grade book and report card are entirely web-based. If your family is new to the district, you will need to register for these services. Please contact the main office if you are having any issues.

* Student Planners/ Assignment Notebooks -Your child has been provided with a planner. Please take some time each evening to review your child’s planner for assignments and upcoming tests and quizzes. The planner should be identical to the assignments written on each teacher’s class board. We will use the board to note assignments, tests/quizzes, and upcoming events such as birthdays, assemblies, and activities. Your child is asked to copy all assignments, even if he/she has finished it, so you are able to see what we are working on each day. If there is no assignment for a given class, the word “none” will be recorded. Administration is requesting that planners be carried to every class.

* Binders and Binder Clean up – All work and assignments will be returned and kept in student binders. It is the students’ responsibility to keep all work organized in their binders until we go through their completed work together as a class. Materials should be kept organized for study purposes. Please do not remove work from your child’s binder, even if it seems to be overflowing. On a designated Binder Clean-up Day, we will go through the binder together and “dump!”

* Web page: Please visit our Team Web Page to check out our homework and upcoming activities. We try to update it regularly. To access this page, please go to the Eden Hall website, click on “Teacher Sites”, and find Erin Clark, Stephanie Myler, Michelle Brockway, or Robert Hunt. Please let us know if you are having trouble locating the page.

* ELA – For the Reading Wonders program, all students will receive a login and password to access materials online. There you can find all readings and skill practice associated with each week’s lesson, as well as games and other useful resources. The website where your child can access Wonders is www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com. There is also a link on our class website.

* Math – Our district has purchased a new math program for grades K-5. Students have a login and password for their online textbook. There is also a link on the district website. We will also have access to Redbirds for online math practice. Mr. Spencer’s math students have received their textbook login credentials. His class also has access to Aleks for online practice. Credentials should be saved in the student’s binder or assignment book.

* Cafeteria – Pine-Richland uses a computerized lunch money program in the cafeteria. If your child wishes to buy lunch, please send in a check payable to “Pine-Richland Cafeteria Fund” or cash and include your child’s pin number on the check or envelope. Each child is issued a pin number for lunches in the cafeteria. If you do not know your child’s pin number, please contact Food Services.

* Absences – Upon return from an absence, your child must submit a written excuse from you. Any work that your child should miss must be completed by the number of days missed after the return to school. For example, if your child misses Monday and Tuesday (2 days), make-up work will be due on Friday. Often times it is necessary for us to keep some of the work at school that can only be completed at school.

* Dismissal – If your child needs to be excused for an early dismissal, please send a note in with your child indicating as such. Your child will also need a note if he or she is to be picked up by you at the end of the day instead of riding the bus home. If your child will be going home with a friend, both families are required to send in a note to indicate that as well.

* Vacation Forms – If you are planning a family vacation, according to district guidelines, a vacation form must be completed and submitted to the office a minimum of 1 week prior to your trip. You may request a vacation form in the school office.

* Volunteers – There may also be times when we are in need of an extra set of hands. You must be certified as an independent volunteer to go on field trips. Please contact the office for further information. Also, please remember to check-in at the front office any time you visit our building.

* Room Temperature – Our room temperature is unpredictable. Your child may wish to dress in layers or keep a sweater or sweatshirt in his or her locker.

* Snacks –Fifth grade does not follow a set snack time. However, snacks may be permitted throughout the year during book club (literature circle) meetings or when the students have earned a class reward.

* Art shirts – Art shirts are optional. If you would like your child to have an art shirt, one may be kept in the locker. The art teachers suggest that it be a short-sleeved tee shirt (no shirts with buttons please). Myler/Clark class has art every Day 2. Brockway/Hunt has art every Day 1.

* Physical Education – The PE teachers ask that children wear athletic shoes on PE days as well as appropriate clothing. Flip-flops and sandals are not proper PE shoes, nor are boots. Myler/Clark has gym on Day 5. Brockway/Hunt has gym on Day 4.

* Parent / Teacher Conferences – Conferences will be held in the fall. Teachers will send home information closer to the November dates. We believe in a “year round” conference time frame. If a conference is not necessary this fall, we are always open to meeting with you at any time to discuss your son/daughter.

* “The Week Ahead” - is an online district resource. Information from the office or the district is posted online via this newsletter. Please register for and read the information sent. Students might occasionally also receive other hard copy forms. They will be responsible for placing such items in the “Keep At Home” section of their homework folder.

* Birthdays – We will “sing” when we find the best time in our schedule that day. Summer birthdays can be celebrated on or near the student’s ½ birthday. Edible treats are not allowed, however, you are welcome to send in a small token for each child if you would like. Students also have the option to bring in a copy of their favorite book for our classroom library. We will dedicate this book in their honor on their special day.

* Scholastic Book Orders – To help foster your child’s love of reading and encourage the use of technology, we will periodically send home Scholastic book orders with your child. If you are interested, please return the orders and a check made payable to Scholastic by the due date. We will be utilizing the Scholastic online system this year too. You can set up your own account online and earn free books for our classroom. The link to purchase online can be found on our class website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We check our voicemail in the morning before the students arrive and email periodically throughout the day. Mrs. Clark’s e-mail: emclark@pinerichland.org and Mrs. Myler’s email: smyler@pinerichland.org. Mrs. Brockway’s email: mbrockway@pinerichland.org and Mr. Hunt’s email: rhunt@pinerichland.org. We look forward to our communication and a successful year!


5th grade Grasslands teaching team

Mrs. Brockway,

Mr. Hunt,

Mrs. Clark,

and Mrs. Myler