Welcome.....Pine-Richland Class of 2025

Welcome Back!

Dear Fifth Grade Students and Parents,

          Welcome to fifth grade Grasslands!  We are so excited to meet you and be your teachers this year.  Can you believe that you are about to begin your 2nd year at Eden Hall? You will soon see that fifth grade will be a challenging and exciting year, filled with many new adventures. 

          We know that you may be feeling a little anxious for the first day, but just relax and remember that everyone is starting a new year - just like you.  Even your teachers get nervous for school to begin!

          Below you will find a school supply list with items you will need for the first day of school. (The list is also attached at the bottom of this page if you would like to download and print.) There are two items not on your list that you will need every day… a SMILE and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!!

          Enjoy the last days of your summer vacation to the fullest!  Don’t forget to get plenty of sleep so you are well rested, relaxed, and ready to swing into a new year!

          We are so excited to get to know you.  We will see you on Thursday, August 24th, ready to begin a new school year!  

5th grade Grasslands teaching team

        Mrs. Brockway,

        Mr. Hunt,

        Mrs. Clark,

        and Mrs. Myler





One part of being successful in 5th grade is organization.

Our fifth grade team is requesting that each student come to school with the following materials:


·       1 – 2-3” large binder for all subjects

·       A pack of 5-subject pocket dividers (Please keep in sealed package.)

·       A composition book (for journaling)

·       A colored pen or two (for checking papers)

·       At least one highlighter

·       A supply of pencils

·       Pack of colored pencils - markers and crayons are optional

·       A 3-hole punched pencil case that is able to fit into your binder

·       Sticky notes (3”x3”)

·  At least one package of 3-hole punched college-ruled filler paper 

·       1 – Jumbo book cover (Math)

      & 1-regular or large book cover (Reading)

·       1 basic folder for World Language (no prongs)

·       Box of Kleenex & a bottle of hand sanitizer 

      (Last Names A-G) 

·   2 boxes of Kleenex (Last Names H – Z)

·       A good independent reading book

Stephanie Myler,
Aug 14, 2017, 1:34 PM