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**Welcome to Eden Hall's Art Website. Below you will find a variety of information including links to galleries and jobs involving the arts. Check out your teacher's art pages by clicking on the link to the left.**
Eden Hall Art Teachers:
Mr. Boyd              Mrs. Tronetti

Miss Angerett 
(Mr. Boyd's Substitute) 


1. Doodle 4 Google is back! If you'd like to participate, please click here for more information and an official form.

2. EHUE ART on Google Classroom is back! We will have a weekly "Theme of the Week" that will change every MONDAY.Students are encouraged to post pictures and describe their picture as it relates to the theme of the week. 

JOIN CODE: ot8ymi


Art class consists of two competencies:

Demonstration of Skills & Concepts

Students can receive an E (Extending), P (Proficient), or D (Developing) as a final grade for art.

**Because some projects extend over a 9-week period, the 1st and 3rd 9-week grades are simply benchmarks. The 2nd and 4th 9-week-grades reflect the final assessments for the semester rather than just one 9-week period (Semester=18 class periods; 9 Weeks=only 9 class periods).**

Students are permitted to make up or catch up on any work during Explore or Recess of their choosing. It is their responsibility to secure a pass for that time. Work will be accepted until the end of that semester.

 Elements of Art
* Texture *Form *Space *Line *Shape *Color *Value

Principles of Art
* Movement *Emphasis *Unity *Harmony *Variety *Balance *Contrast *Proportion *Pattern/Rhythm

Art Galleries of Pittsburgh
*Click on the picture to take you to the museum's website*
Image result for warhol museum See the source image  Visit Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery's Celebrating Glass exhibition.
        Andy Warhol Museum                         The Mattress Factory                                         The Carnegie Museum of Art                 Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery            

  Where can I take art lessons or classes?

 A variety of studios offer camps and classes throughout the year. Contact Mrs. Tronetti for a list if you're interested.