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Water for Sudan Fundraiser 

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Mr. Chappell
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The MS Newspaper Team
Pictured left to right:
Top row : Miss Nichols, Hartley Nason, Julia Gibbons, Amari Taylor, Matigan Schumacher, Elysia Duckett, Asher Ostrowski
Bottom row: Michael Johns, Carter Thomas, Grace Yanerio, Ava Goins, Sriya Mannepalli, Luke Brownewell, Briana Delcastillo, Dane Chilton
Not Pictured: Alexandra Costello, Sarah Limbach,Gabe Perri, Addison Silver, Jayden Deku, and JT Sutek 

Editor in chief: Alexandra Costello
Editing team: Michael Johns, Gabe Perri, Sarah Limbach, and Carter Thomas

Co Editor in Chief: Dane Chilton