Escape from Denmark

You are a Jew living in Denmark in 1940. As you are getting ready for bed, you hear shouts down the street. 
So far, Denmark has been free from Nazi Germany, but now you notice Nazi soldiers are raiding the houses down the street. They are loading up your friends and neighbors on trucks.
That can only mean one thing, they are searching your town for all Jewish people to transport them to the concentration camps. Your father prepared a bag of supplies for you knowing that this was going to happen, but he locked the bag up for safe keeping. In the bag, there was a disguise, a fake ID, some food rations, and enough money to survive for a few days. 

The Nazi soldiers are just 2 houses down. You have approximately 30 minutes to figure out the lock combinations before the soldiers raid your house and take you away!

Bag of Supplies

Pearl Harbor