Volunteer Opportunities

"It's Our Story" has an urgent need for technology volunteers to lead in the creation of a beta site that will allow us to premiere our archives to the world in a public, accessible, and searchable format.

Volunteers will work at the cutting edge of online video technology, aiding in the creation of a free, online video editor program which draws content from out archives.

In many cases, technology volunteers can work from home.  Desired skill sets include:

  • Search/Database engineers
  • Server specialist
  • Code writers (HTML, Javascript)
  • General web development/design

"It's Our Story" is also looking for skilled individuals interested in volunteering at various levels in the following departments.

Our organization is looking for volunteers at three levels of experience and participation:

If you believe you'd be a good candidate for any of these volunteer roles,
please contact Scott Cooper at itsourstory@gmail.com