About Stacey Milbern

Stacey Milbern is president of the National Youth Leadership Network (NYLN) and a Youth Organizer for the Disabled Young People’s Collective. Stacey prides herself as a disability rights activist interested in building a community that recognizes the intersections of oppression.

 We captured Stacey Milbern’s voice in December of 2006 when she was 19 years old. This portrait of young leadership was recorded in the home of the late Ron Mace, the visionary North Carolina architect who championed Universal Design beginning in the ‘60’s.

Stacey still lives in North Carolina where she is studying Political Science. In 2009,  Milbern worked with others to host the first Youth Leadership Forum in her state last summer. She is proud to say it was 100% youth-run. Stacey is passionate about independent media, radical youth organizing, and social justice. In addition to serving as NYLN president, she is a blogger, a poet, and a community organizer. Stacey is disabled and proud.

Milburn also runs a personal blog that receives over 200 visitors a day. She believes in the power of creating space, promoting pride with visibility, and the future of the movement.