Share This Project!


Telling your friends about the "It's Our Story" project is absolutely the most important contribution you can make to this effort.  Thankfully, it's easy spread the message about "It's Our Story."  For example, our new trailer can be used to educate and inspire others to get involved:

Ways to Spread the Word:

  1. Show our presentation to a college classroom, club, or other group in your area.
    • Our downloadable presentation concisely explains the history and mission of "It's Our Story" and shows viewers how they can get involved
    • Download our slide-by-slide guide for suggestions on how to deliver the presentation
    • Take the initiative!  Find an audience on campus or at a community center and spread the message
  2. Become a fan on facebook and invite others to do so, or follow us on Twitter
  3. Forward our newsletters to your network
  4. Speak with leaders at your local center for independent living or other disability organization about what your community can do to contribute to the effort
  5. Speak with your friends and family about the cause and see if they can find a few hours to start transcribing

Why should I share this project?

Our community is at a critical moment: many of our leaders from the ADA era are passing away, and if we don't keep our history alive for the next generation, it may be forgotten.  When history is forgotten, so are its lessons.  We believe that every person with a disability, or affected by someone with a disability, has a responsibility to help keep our history alive in any way they can.