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Are “” videos’ copyrighted?

Yes, clips are distributed under a Creative Commons (CC) license. This doesn't replace copyright -- which remains undivided with IOS, LLC -- but it makes the terms more flexible.

Anyone is free to download the videos from, our YouTube Channel, and Blog; share them with friends; republish or embed them on their website or blog. But this use must be made within the terms of the CC license "Attribution -- NonCommercial -- NonDerivative."

This Creative Commons license allows you to reproduce, distribute, display or perform publicly the videos as long as you follow these guidelines: 

Attribution: you reference explicitly as the original source of the materials, and IOS logos and visuals as well as those of the IOS sponsors remain untouched and unedited. 

NonCommercial: You can't use IOS clips (or any parts of them) for commercial purposes without express written permission

NonDerivative: You cannot alter the videos in any way (edit, remix, cut, etc).
These conditions can be modified only by explicit permission of the copyright holder (IOS,LLC). The complete text of the license can be seen on the Creative Commons (CC) license.


Can I repost or republish videos’ on my site or blog?


We encourage you to share videos widely -- as long as you comply with the terms of the Creative Commons license outlined above (See: "Are videos’ copyrighted?") and add a visible link back to

Can I project videos to a group of people?


As long as you comply with the terms of the Creative Commons license outlined above (See: "Are videos’ copyrighted?"). In fact, we encourage you to find creative ways to share videos with your friends, family, students, colleagues, and communities.

Can I show videos’ during my conference?


As long as you comply with the terms of the Creative Commons license outlined above (See: "Are videos copyrighted?"). In particular, the talks must be shown unedited, including the IOS visuals, those of the IOS sponsor, as well as the copyright information, and only within the scope of a non-commercial event. If you wish to use videos’ in a commercial context, please contact us with a motivated request for permission.

Can I use videos in my classroom?


As long as you comply with the terms of the Creative Commons license outlined above (See: "Are It’ copyrighted?"). We know of a number of teachers that use IOS to stimulate discussions with their students or to complement course materials, and encourage you to do so as well.

Can I re-edit and remix videos’?


Our Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license (See: "Are It’ videos’ copyrighted?"). clearly states that "derivative works" of any kind (edits, cuts, re-mixes, mashups, etc) are not allowed without express written permission.

If you discover edited or modified versions of videos distributed online or used elsewhere, be aware that this is illegal and please inform us.

We are developing an open source program for advocates, students, online artists, and future filmmakers to hone their craft.  Stay tuned for these exciting opportunities of making our voice truly free.

Documentary Use

Documentary filmmakers can use excerpts of videos’ within their films, provided the speaker and It’ agrees. IOS must secure permission from each individual speaker for any use not produced by IOS.

In order for us to approach the speaker with the request, you must provide TED with a brief from the filmmaker on the intended use of the footage, the film's perspective/point of view, and distribution plan. We also like to see brief bios on the creative team (producer, director, etc).

If the speaker agrees, we will provide the filmmaker with footage on a data DVD in one of our standard formats (any needed conversion will be the filmmakers' responsibility). Depending on the particular video, footage will be delivered in one of the following formats: DVCAM NTSC We do not deliver footage on tape.

The footage must be accompanied by an on-screen credit (generally a lower-third) referencing We prefer the language "Full talk available at www.It’"

Media Request Tipsheet Image Requests

Image requests must be accompanied by the following information: 

Name of publication/outlet 

Name of requested image 

Publication date 

Preferred file format 

Deadline for receipt of image

Image requests should be directed to Scott Cooper at


A photo credit will be provided when the image is delivered. This credit must run in full.

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