Welcome to DisaBuzz, a collection of PSA's, documentaries, and other clips that address what it means to live with a disability.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you might even need to dance a little.

If you find a video that you think we should add to DisaBuzz, don't hesitate to contact disabuzz@pinedafoundation.org

ATTENTION: As we have not created, do not host, and do not control the below content, we regret that we are unable to make all items accessible.

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The Appointment
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subtitled version, click here


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Rock Climbing

Bungee Jump

Stacey Kohut

Life Rolls On

Arts and Culture

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I'm Spazticus - Part 1


I'm Spazticus - Part 2


I'm Spazticus - Part 3


I'm Spazticus - Part 4




Legend by Auti Angel

Cross Disability

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I Can't

"Talk," Part 1

"Talk," Part 2



Love and Sex

Creature DisComforts:
Behind the Scenes Part 1

Creature DisComforts:
Behind the Scenes Part 2

Creature DisComforts
BBC Interview

A World Made
for Everyone


WCAG 2.0 Song

Developmental Disability

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I Wish I Was

I Like...


They Stare

End the R Word

We Need a New R Word

Eliminate the R Word:

Eliminate the R Word:

Eliminate the R Word:

Eliminate the R Word:
PSA 13

Eliminate the R Word:
PSA 15


R Word

In My Language

Down Syndrome

People First Freedom Tour

Freedom Tour Calgary Rally

The Specials Web Series


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Disability Discrimination Committee

Disclosing Disability

Employment For All

You're Impressed

What Can You Do?


Able to Succeed

Disability Discrimination Hospital


Meet Sue

A Salesperson

Deaf - Hearing Impaired

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Vodka and Tonic Please

Where's Bob's House?

Where's Bob's House? -
Behind the Scenes

Clam Chowder

Deaf Metal

Read My Lips

What is Power?

Keith Wahn: "I like..."

Keith Wahn: "Deaf Drivers"


We Are All Able

Learning Disability

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Comedian Jeff Allen

Comedian Kim Kensington

Hostile Takeover


Promise Awareness

Eccentric People Need
Love Too...

Nice Day

For a signed and
subtitled version, click here

I'm One in Seven

Dyslexic and Proud

My Dislekseah


Dyslexia -
Don't Let it Get You Down

Mental Health

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History of Depression

Break the Stigma

What We Do, Children Do

A Healthy Perspective

Are You Prepared to Judge?

Strive for Happiness

Mad Pride UK

Mad Pride UK:
Only the Brave

Mad Pride Ireland 2008

Mad Pride:
Brick in the Wall

Mad Pride
2008 Toronto Bed Push

Howie the Harp

Can't Find my Way Home

Crisis Call

Making A Killing:
Part 1

Making a Killing:
Part 2

Making a Killing:
Part 3

Making a Killing:
Part 4

Making a Killing:
Part 5

Making a Killing:
Part 6

Making a Killing:
Part 7

Making a Killing:
Part 8

Making a Killing:
Part 9

Making a Killing:
Part 10

Leonard Roy Frank

Leonard Roy Frank:
Anti-Psychiatry Activitst

Thomas Szasz

Mental Health Liberation Front

Chair User - Mobility Impaired

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Creature Discomforts:

Creature Discomforts:
Sweets Shop

A Little Humility

People are People

Creature Discomforts:
Watch Me

I Can Handle It

Salon Surprise


Don't Know What
You Are Missing

Spelling Bee

He's a Baby

Blind - Visually Impaired

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Creature Discomforts:
Sneaking Up

A Beautiful City

So You Can See Me

She is Everything

Where Is My Son?

Don't Mess with Blind People!

Levi's Classic Button-Up

Shh, Don't Say -
Part 1

Shh, Don't Say -
Part 2