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16. "You are Hamlet" - Nefeli Misuraca

We've all heard the question, "To be or not to be?" But what does it really mean? How does Hamlet's question apply to our world today? How do we each relate to Hamlet? Dr. Misuraca makes a case for the relevance not just of Hamlet, but for the relevance of the Humanities as a whole in this modern world that seems to privilege the sciences.

Nefeli Misuraca, Ph.D. Yale, is co-creator, together with Simone Barillari, of The Global Hamlet, the first people’s edition of a literary work with tens of thousands of people throughout the world translating, annotating and illustrating Hamlet on the internet in five languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch). She has been teaching for more than ten years collectively in Universities like Yale itself and La Sapienza in Rome. She has been a speaker at conferences, giving lectures on cinema, baroque art, Italian literature, gender issues during the Renaissance, and, very recently, on the concept of beauty at La Sapienza. As a cultural critic, she has been a regular correspondent for The Cyprus Mail and is currently a regular correspondent for the Italian national newspaper il manifesto.