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03. "Ethics of reality TV: how far would you go?" - Kobi Kassal & Arjun Padmanabhan

Everyone has a dream, but how far are people willing to go to achieve it? Kobi and Arjun examine the ethics promoted by reality television and question our own understanding of right and wrong.  

Kobi Kassal has attended Pine Crest School since Pre-K. He is involved with the chorus and drama department. He is also the co-president of both Gourmet Club and the Pine Crest Community Foundation. He loves hanging out with friends and going to movies. He is an avid television watcher. He will be attending Boston University. 

Arjun Padmanabhan is a member of Pine Crest School class of 2015. Born in Epsom, London, he moved to America when he was a year old. He has attended Pine Crest School since fourth grade. He enjoys playing clarinet. He will be attending the University of Miami.