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11. "A guide to school pride" Matt Cibene & Brittany Paris

Matt and Brittany are the quintessential student leaders who promote school spirit through their natural charisma, vocal leadership and everyday involvements. As seniors, however, they've come to realize that the concept of "school spirit" has changed. They share their observations, research, and insights on how "school spirit" can be understood today and how to embrace that understanding to promote student achievement and school identity.

Matt is a lifer at Pine Crest and a member of the Varsity football team and captain of the Varsity Weightlifting team. He is also the president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club at Pine Crest. He balances his free time between training and spending time with family and friends. Matt was voted to the 2014 Homecoming court and is all about school spirit. He is one of the most spirited students at Pine Crest, pumping up crowds and displaying spirit through his attire and through his voice. He will be attending the University of Florida.  

Brittany is President of the Student Council, and the host of her very own talk show for the school's PCTV: PC Talks. Brittany loves school spirit and cute wrinkly puppies. She loves to quote movies, spend time with family, online shop, watch Netflix, and eat Swedish Fish. She hopes to be a television journalist and will be studying broadcasting at the University of Georgia.