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This summer, Aaron Gillego, the Organizer of TEDxPineCrestSchool, will be presenting at two conferences.  

Innovation Institute | Pine Crest School | Fort Lauderdale, FL | June 10-12

An Inquiry-Based and Google-Based Project to Set the Stage for Your Own TEDxTalk  

This session will provide the guide from licensing to event planning, as well as the classroom strategies using Google Drive for student collaboration and inquiry in order to create a TEDxTalk event as a culminating project for any middle or high school classroom. 

AP National Conference | College Board | Austin, TX | July 22-26

TEDxTalk as a Culminating Research Project for AP English Language

Put your students front and center as keynote speakers in their own TEDx Talk event. A TEDx Talk project is a concrete way for students to apply the rhetorical and research skills they are learning in AP English Language and Composition, and to put it all together in a culminating project, extending the classroom and the curriculum in a hands-on experience. This session will show participants how to put together the entire project, with examples of how to apply for a TEDx Talk license, how to use Google as a collaborative tool for the students creating the project, and how to execute the event by delegating different responsibilities to each student. TEDx Talk is a perfect project for AP English Language and Composition: the research component is a synthesis essay, the speech event is an argument essay, and class time can be devoted to watching and analyzing TED talks (rhetorical analysis) before the project is launched so that students have an understanding of the TED platform.