Original Research & Findings
  • Think of a way to find out the answer to your topic question on your own.  
  • You may conduct interviews, experiments, and surveys (Google Form is very easy for surveys).  
  • You may use photography, create a computer program, mine the data and analytics that already exist.
  • You may dig up research from archives in university libraries, public libraries, research institutions, government agencies.
  • You may scour the internet and social media (if appropriate to your topic).
  • You may do a sampling of whatever is relevant to your topic (from films to music to video games).
TIP: break up the work among your group.  Delegate and execute.
  • Once you've collected your data, write a summary of your findings (what conclusions can you draw from your analysis of the data or information you've collected?).  How does this shape your argument?
  • Present your findings using info-graphics, charts, diagrams, photos, bullet points.