Log into your Google account.

From the PCS web site there are links to Pirate Email in the Quicklinks Menu on the left and under the Students or Staff Menu at the top of the page

Click on the "+" near the top of the page to create or join a class

To Create a class enter the Class name, the Section, and click the Create button

Once the class is created you will enter the class page

At the top of the page you can link to the Classroom start page (upper left) and set the theme (lower right corner)

Clicking the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner will open the menu of courses you have, as well as a link to the start page (Home)

Click anywhere on the main page (off the menu) to close the menu sidebar

Clicking the link in the lower right corner of the top image will allow you to customize the theme

Select the theme you like and click the Select class theme button

The theme will be applied to your class

In the bar below the top image you will see links to the three main sections of each class: Stream, Students, and About

Your course "Home" page is the Stream page with a place for announcements, assignments, and the class code
When you first create a course you will see a START TOUR announcement on the Stream page
The Class code can be given to students to allow them to enroll in the class

From this block you can also reset (create a new code) or disable (lock out any new enrollment) the class code
To create an announcement click the Announcement link and enter your announcement and attach or link to files, videos, etc.
To create an assignment click the Assignment link, enter the info in the fields, select a due date, and attach or link to files, videos, etc.

The Students page shows the Class code, a button for Invite, Remove, and Email, as well as a list of students

Clicking the Invite button will open the student selection box - all accounts are listed in the directory

From here you can select students to add to the class
The About page has an area to add a class Title and Class description, as well as any other materials you might want to have available as resources for the course

This page includes a link to the teacher email and a direct link to the class Google Drive folder

One great Assignment option is to add a Google Drive document

From the about page, click the link to your Google Drive folder (Drive will open in a new tab)
Create a new document 

Click the Untitled Document text at the top of the page
Give the document an appropriate title

Add the information you want as a template 

Close the document tab and go back to your Classroom tab
Navigate to the Stream page and add an Assignment
Give the assignment a title, description and due date

Click the Attach Google Drive item button

In the Insert files using Google Drive window select your Classroom folder

In the Insert files using Google Drive window select your course folder

In the Insert files using Google Drive window select your document and click the Add button

In the Assignment block select the drop-down arrow next to Students can view file to show a menu
Review the assignment fields and click the Assign button

The Assignment block will now show the number of assignments that are done and how many need to be completed

Clicking the three dots to the right of the assignment due date will allow you to modify or delete the assignment

As assignments are turned in the count will change

Clicking on to see the assignment title will show a list of submitted assignments

Clicking the student name will show the submitted assignment

From here you can link to the assignment, make comments, return work, add a score, etc.

Now you have a start - EXPLORE!