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“Homework is the cause of more friction between school and home than any other aspect of education and becomes the prime battlefield when schools, families and communities view one another as adversaries. End the battle and turn homework into a cooperative effort to promote student learning.”

Best Evidence Synthesis - School Leadership and Student Outcomes: Identifying What works and why.

However, consultation with the Pillans Point School Community during 2015 showed that we have a community who is also split over homework. We have a large number of parents in our community who would like to have quite a traditional homework system that they can use to monitor progress and understand what their child is capable of.

We also have a large number of parents who find that homework is just an additional pressure for their household with all of the other numerous events and activities that happen after school within a family e.g. sports practice, swimming lessons, music lessons etc. 

In 2015 Pillans Point School trialled an optional homework system based around the school competencies. This success of this system was limited.

After again reviewing homework and wanting to maintain a consistent approach across the school, the school leadership team has chosen to provide a school website to provide those parents who would like the resources and guidelines to support a homework system at home.

Should you as a parent wish to know more about homework at Pillans Point School than cannot be found on this website, we encourage you to make contact with firstly your child's teacher, following this a member of the school leadership team. 

Thank You 

Pillans Point School Senior Leadership