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These are weekly articles published in our church bulletin.  Feel free to use them for your leisure reading and personal edification.  You may like to use the google search box above to search for any particular topic of interest to help you find what you need.
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Ps Linus Chua April 12, 2015 The Just Shall Live By Faith (Part 3 of 3) 
Ps Linus Chua April 5, 2015 The Crux Of The Prophecy (Part 2 of 3) 
Ps Linus Chua March 29, 2015 Write & Wait (Part 1 of 3) 
Ps JJ Lim March 22, 2015 A Reprobate Mind: Its Cure (Part 7c of 83) 
Ps JJ Lim March 15, 2015 A Reprobate Mind: Its Product (Part 7b of 83) 
Ps JJ Lim March 8, 2015 A Reprobate Mind: Its Nature (Part 7a of 83) 
Rev. Samuel Rutherford March 1, 2015 The Faithful And True 
Ps Linus Chua February 22, 2015 Why Then Do You Look On The Wicked? (Part 3 of 3) 
Ps Linus Chua February 15, 2015 Why Then Do You Look On The Wicked? (Part 2 of 3) 
Ps Linus Chua February 8, 2015 Why Then Do You Look On The Wicked? (Part 1 of 3) 
Ps JJ Lim February 1, 2015 God Gave Them Up: Hope In The Gospel (Part 6c of 83) 
Ps JJ Lim January 25, 2015 God Gave Them Up: The Instrument Of Wrath (Part 6b of 83) 
Ps JJ Lim January 18, 2015 God Gave Them Up: The Slippery Slope (Part 6a of 83) 
Ps Linus Chua January 11, 2015 The Unveiling Of God’s Instrument Of Judgement (Part 4 of 4) 
Rev. Robert Murray M’Cheyne  January 4, 2015 Glorying In The Cross 
Ps Linus Chua December 28, 2014 The Unveiling Of God’s Instrument Of Judgement (Part 3 Of 4) 
Ps Linus Chua December 21, 2014 The Unveiling Of God’s Instrument Of Judgement (Part 2 of 4) 
Ps Linus Chua December 14, 2014 The Unveiling Of God’s Instrument Of Judgement (Part 1 of 4) 
Ps JJ Lim December 7, 2014 Holding Down The Truth: Consequence & Conclusion (Part 5c of 83) 
Ps JJ Lim November 30, 2014 Holding Down The Truth: How? (Part 5b of 83) 
Ps JJ Lim November 23, 2014 Holding Down The Truth: What Truth? (Part 5a of 83) 
Ps Linus Chua November 16, 2014 Lessons From Habakkuk’s Opening Cry 
Dn Dirk de Korne November 9, 2014 A Gospel Cum Medical Mission 
Charles H. Spurgeon November 2, 2014 Mysterious Visits 
Ps Linus Chua October 26, 2014 Habakkuk’s Opening Cry 
Ps Linus Chua October 19, 2014 Introduction To Habakkuk 
Ps JJ Lim October 12, 2014 Responding To The Doctrine Of God’s Wrath (Part 4e of 83) 
Ps JJ Lim October 5, 2014 The Subjects Of God’s Wrath (Part 4d of 83) 
Ps JJ Lim September 28, 2014 The Revelation Of God’s Wrath (Part 4c of 83) 
Ps JJ Lim September 21, 2014 The Nature Of God’s Wrath (Part 4b of 83) 
Ps JJ Lim September 14, 2014 The Wrath Of God (Part 4a of 83) 
John Willison September 7, 2014 The Living Bread 
Ps JJ Lim August 31, 2014 Not Ashamed Of The Gospel! (Part 3b of 83) 
Ps JJ Lim August 24, 2014 Ashamed Of The Gospel? (Part 3a of 83) 
Ps JJ Lim August 17, 2014 The Blessing Of Gospel Fellowship (Part 2c of 83) 
Ps JJ Lim August 10, 2014 The Blessing Of Intercessory Prayers (part 2b of 83) 
Ps JJ Lim August 3, 2014 Mutual Encouragements (part 2a of 83) 
Ps JJ Lim July 27, 2014 Redeemed To Serve (part 1b of 83) 
Ps JJ Lim July 20, 2014 Redeemed To Serve (part 1a of 83) 
John Willison July 13, 2014 Wounded For Our Transgression 
Ps JJ Lim July 6, 2014 Our Fifteenth Anniversary 
Ps Linus Chua June 29, 2014 Nineveh’s Certain Fall (Part 2 of 2) 
Ps Linus Chua June 22, 2014 Nineveh’s Certain Fall (Part 1 of 2) 
Ps Linus Chua June 15, 2014 The Destruction Of The Destroyer (Part 2 of 2) 
Ps JJ Lim June 8, 2014 Deliver Me According To Thy Word 
Ps Linus Chua June 1, 2014 The Destruction Of The Destroyer (Part 1 of 2) 
Ps JJ Lim May 25, 2014 Obedience, The Key To Peace 
Ps Linus Chua May 18, 2014 The Word Of Hope & Comfort For God’s People 
Ps Linus Chua May 11, 2014 The Word Of The Lord Against His Enemies 
Ps Linus Chua April 27, 2014 The Vain Imaginations Of God’s Enemies 
Ps JJ Lim April 20, 2014 Great Are Thy Tender Mercies & Justice By Which We Are Quickened! 
Ps JJ Lim April 13, 2014 Deliver Me, That I May Keep Thy Statute! 
Ps JJ Lim April 6, 2014 Righteous Art Thou & Thy Word! 
Ps JJ Lim March 30, 2014 Abstain From All Appearance Of Evil 
Ps JJ Lim March 23, 2014 Prove All Things 
Ps JJ Lim March 16, 2014 Despise Not Prophesying 
Ps JJ Lim March 9, 2014 Quench Not The Spirit! 
John Willison March 2, 2014 We Will Remember Thy Love 
Ps JJ Lim February 23, 2014 In Everything Give Thanks! 
Ps JJ Lim February 16, 2014 Pray Without Ceasing! 
Ps JJ Lim February 9, 2014 Rejoice Evermore! 
Ps Linus Chua February 2, 2014 God Is Good 
Ps Linus Chua January 26, 2014 God Is Powerful 
Ps Linus Chua January 19, 2014 God Is Just 
Ps Linus Chua January 12, 2014 Introduction to Nahum 
John Willison January 5, 2014 The Returning Prodigal 
Ps JJ Lim December 29, 2013 O, That More Will Keep Thy Law 
Ps JJ Lim December 22, 2013 Lord, Vindicate Thy Servant 
Ps JJ Lim December 15, 2013 Evermore Hold & Hide Me In Thy Truth 
Ps JJ Lim December 8, 2013 Help Me On By Thy Light 
Ps JJ Lim December 1, 2013 Thy Testimonies Are My Meditation 
Ps JJ Lim November 24, 2013 Forever Settled Is Thy Word! 
Ps JJ Lim November 17, 2013 O Save Me From The Pit! 
Ps JJ Lim November 10, 2013 Wisdom Learned Must Be Shared 
John Willison November 3, 2013 The Bleeding Lamb 
Ps JJ Lim October 27, 2013 The Place & Necessity of Creeds & Confessions 
Ps Linus Chua October 20, 2013 The Five C’s Of Jonah (Part 3 of 3) 
Ps Linus Chua October 13, 2013 The Five C's of Jonah (part 2 of 3) 
Ps Linus Chua October 6, 2013 The Five C’s Of Jonah (Part 1 of 3) 
Ps JJ Lim September 29, 2013 Affliction: God’s School Of Obedience 
Ps Linus Chua September 22, 2013 God’s Lesson On Sovereign Mercy 
Ps Linus Chua September 15, 2013 God’s Threefold Appointment 
Ps Linus Chua September 8, 2013 Jonah’s Act of Defiance 
John Willison September 1, 2013 Sowing in Tears 
Ps JJ Lim August 25, 2013 Love Quickens Me 
Ps JJ Lim August 18, 2013 Yet Will I Rest In Thy Promises 
Ps JJ Lim August 11, 2013 Let Thy Mercies Come! 
Ps Linus Chua August 4, 2013 The Lord’s Question 
Ps Linus Chua July 28, 2013 Jonah’s Prayer 
Ps JJ Lim July 21, 2013 O For Wholehearted Obedience 
John Willison July 14, 2013 Because He First Loved Us 
Ps JJ Lim July 7, 2013 Our Fourteenth Anniversary 
Ps JJ Lim June 30, 2013 Hope For Heavenly-Mindedness 
Ps Linus Chua June 23, 2013 Nineveh Repents (Part 2 of 2) 
Ps Linus Chua June 16, 2013 Nineveh Repents (Part 1 of 2) 
Ps JJ Lim June 9, 2013 Enjoying God’s Word 
Ps JJ Lim June 2, 2013 How To Be Holy? 
Ps Linus Chua May 26, 2013 Jonah Preaches (Part 3 of 3) 
Ps Linus Chua May 19, 2013 Jonah Preaches (Part 2 of 3) 
Ps Linus Chua May 12, 2013 Jonah Preaches (Part 1 of 3) 
John Willison May 5, 2013 My Suffering Saviour 
Ps JJ Lim April 28, 2013 The Blessedness Of Obedience 
Ps JJ Lim April 21, 2013 Behold, I Come Quickly! 
Ps Linus Chua April 14, 2013 Jonah Prays (Part 3 of 3) 
Ps Linus Chua April 7, 2013 Jonah Prays Part 2 Of 3 
Ps Linus Chua March 31, 2013 Jonah Prays (Part 1 of 3) 
Ps JJ Lim March 24, 2013 Hospitality, Approved Of God 
Ps JJ Lim March 17, 2013 Abiding Truth 
Ps Linus Chua March 10, 2013 God Pursues - Part II 
John Willison March 3, 2013 An Astonishing Match 
Ps Linus Chua February 24, 2013 God Pursues 
Ps JJ Lim February 17, 2013 We Shall Be Like Him 
Ps Linus Chua February 3, 2013 Lessons From Jonah’s Flight Part II 
Ps Linus Chua January 27, 2013 Lessons From Jonah’s Flight Part I 
Ps Linus Chua January 20, 2013 Jonah Flees 
Ps JJ Lim January 13, 2013 New Heavens & New Earth 
John Willison January 6, 2013 Christ’s Departure 
Ps JJ Lim December 23, 2012 The Promise Of Exceeding Joy 
Ps JJ Lim December 16, 2012 Practical Implications Of Calvinism 
Ps JJ Lim December 9, 2012 Perseverance Of The Saints 
Ps JJ Lim December 2, 2012 Irresistible Grace 
Ps JJ Lim November 25, 2012 Limited Atonement 
Ps JJ Lim November 18, 2012 Unconditional Election 
Ps JJ Lim November 11, 2012 Total Depravity 
John Willison November 4, 2012 I Delight To Do Thy Will 
Ps JJ Lim October 28, 2012 The Synod Of Dort & the Five Points of Calvinism 
Ps JJ Lim October 21, 2012 The Crown Of Life 
Ps JJ Lim October 14, 2012 An Immutable Promise 
Ps JJ Lim October 7, 2012 Nothing By Chance 
Ps JJ Lim September 23, 2012 A Rousing Finale To Call The Church To Unite In A Symphony Of Praise 
Ps JJ Lim September 16, 2012 A Triumphant Call To Praise The Lord For Our Victorious King 
Ps JJ Lim September 9, 2012 A Joyous Call To God’s People To Join All Creation To Praise Him 
John Willison September 2, 2012 The Suffering Of The Son Of Man 
Ps JJ Lim August 26, 2012 A Hymn Of Thanksgiving Unto Our Powerful, Wise & Compassionate God 
Ps JJ Lim August 19, 2012 A Hymn Of Thanksgiving Unto Our Powerful, Wise & Compassionate God 
Ps JJ Lim August 12, 2012 A Hymn Of Praise Unto Our Dependable & Compassionate God 
Ps JJ Lim August 5, 2012 A Hymn Of Praise Concerning The Kingdom Of God & God Its King 
Ps JJ Lim July 29, 2012 The Prayerful Anticipation Of The King & His Subjects 
Ps JJ Lim July 22, 2012 The Righteous One Weary & Lonely In A Dark Valley 
Elder John Torlach July 15, 2012 Make His Praise Glorious 
John Willison July 8, 2012 God’s Unspeakable Gift 
Ps JJ Lim July 1, 2012 Our Thirteenth Anniversary 
Ps Linus Chua June 24, 2012 Crucified And Alive 
Richard Baxter June 17, 2012 The Oversight Of Ourselves 
Ps JJ LIm June 10, 2012 The Righteous One’s Cry When Forsaken & Overwhelmed 
Ps JJ Lim June 3, 2012 The Righteous One’s Cry For Purity & Protection 
Ps JJ Lim May 27, 2012 The Righteous One’s Prayer Of Exasperation Against Evil Men 
Ps JJ Lim May 20, 2012 The Awe-Inspiring Thought Of God 
Ps JJ Lim May 13, 2012 Glory To God, The Promise-Keeper 
John Willison May 6, 2012 Lord, I Am Not Worthy 
Ps JJ Lim April 29, 2012 The Church’s Lament & Imprecation 
Ps JJ Lim April 22, 2012 Thanksgiving To Jehovah, For His Lovingkindness 
Ps JJ Lim April 15, 2012 The Blessed Hope 
Ps JJ Lim April 8, 2012 The Crown Of Righteousness 
Ps JJ Lim April 1, 2012 The Promise Of Being A Blessing 
Ps JJ Lim March 25, 2012 The Destruction Of Antichrist 
Ps JJ Lim March 18, 2012 The Second Coming Of Christ 
Ps JJ Lim March 11, 2012 Praise For Jehovah, Our Sovereign God 
John Willison March 4, 2012 Like Rain Upon Mown Grass 
Ps JJ Lim February 26, 2012 The Lord’s Pilgrim’s Benediction 
Ps JJ Lim February 19, 2012 The Lord’s Pilgrim Extolling The Blessings Of Brotherly Unity 
Ps JJ Lim February 12, 2012 The Pilgrims Appeal For The Restoration Of The Church 
Ps JJ Lim February 5, 2012 The Lords Pilgrims Child-Like Repose 
Ps JJ Lim January 29, 2012 The Promise Of Glory In Christ 
Ps JJ Lim January 22, 2012 Congregational Perseverance 
Ps JJ Lim January 15, 2012 Our super-abounding God 
Ps JJ Lim January 8, 2012 The Abrahamic Blessing 
Linus Chua January 1, 2012 A New Year Of Enmity 
Ps JJ Lim December 18, 2011 My Grace is Sufficient for thee 
Ps JJ Lim December 11, 2011 The Last Trump 
Ps JJ Lim December 4, 2011 All Things For Good 
Ps JJ Lim November 27, 2011 The Pilgrim's Help When Under Chastisement 
Ps JJ Lim November 20, 2011 The Pilgrim's Imprecation Against the Enemies of Christ and His Church 
Peter Heng November 13, 2011 Facing Facebook 
John Willison November 6, 2011 Redemption Through His Blood 
Ps JJ Lim October 30, 2011 The Five Solas of the Reformation 
Ps JJ Lim October 23, 2011 Marks of a Vibrant Church 
Ps JJ Lim October 16, 2011 The Pilgrim's Blessedness as He Walks in Fear of the Lord 
Ps JJ Lim October 9, 2011 The Pilgrim's Prosperity & Rest in the Lord 
Ps JJ Lim October 2, 2011 The Pilgrim's Joy After Tears 
Ps JJ Lim September 25, 2011 The Promise of the Covenant 
Ps JJ Lim September 18, 2011 The Promise of Eternal Life 
Ps JJ Lim September 11, 2011 Ask and It Shall be Given You 
John Willison September 4, 2011 The Lamb Slain 
Ps JJ Lim August 28, 2011 Reformed & Exuberant (Malawi Report) 
Ps JJ Lim August 21, 2011 The Promise of Salvation 
Ps JJ Lim August 14, 2011 The Promise of Rest in Christ 
Ps JJ Lim August 7, 2011 The Pilgrim's Perseverance Under the Care of the Lord 
Ps JJ Lim July 31, 2011 The Pilgrim's Praise for Triumph in the Lord 
Ps JJ Lim July 24, 2011 The Lord's Pilgrim Looking Upwards in the Midst of Contempt 
Ps JJ Lim July 17, 2011 The Lord's Pilgrim's Joy in Jerusalem 
Ps JJ Lim July 10, 2011 The Lord's Pilgrim Finding Strength and Help in Him 
Ps JJ Lim July 3, 2011 Our Twelfth Anniversary 
Ps JJ Lim June 26, 2011 The Sun of Righteousness 
Ps JJ Lim June 19, 2011 Not By Might, Nor By Power 
Ps JJ Lim June 12, 2011 The Promise of the Spirit's Abiding Presence 
Ps JJ Lim June 5, 2011 The Promise of International Unity 
Ps JJ Lim May 29, 2011 The Promise of Justification 
Ps JJ Lim May 22, 2011 Biblical Duties of Covenant Parents 
Ps JJ Lim May 15, 2011 The Lord is Good 
Ps JJ Lim May 8, 2011 The Mountain of the Lord 
John Willison May 1, 2011 The Love of Christ 
Ps JJ Lim April 24, 2011 The Lord's Servant Weary with the Strive of Tongues 
Ps JJ Lim April 17, 2011 The Righteous One's Alphabet of True Godliness 
Ps JJ Lim April 10, 2011 Thanksgiving for Messiah's Humiliation and Exaltation 
Ps JJ Lim April 3, 2011 Messiah's Call to Praise in the Great Congregation 
Bro Hong Wen March 27, 2011 A Gospel-Instructional cum Medical Mission by PCC & EPC to Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao, Philippines 
Ps JJ Lim March 20, 2011 The Redeemer's Resurrection Song of Thanksgiving 
Ps JJ Lim March 13, 2011 Salvation is of the Lord 
John Willison March 6, 2011 My God Shall Supply All Your Need 
Ps JJ Lim February 27, 2011 The Promise of Deliverance & Holiness 
Ps JJ Lim February 20, 2011 The Tabernacle of David 
Linus Chua February 13, 2011 Three Things You Should Know About Your Problems 
Ps JJ Lim February 6, 2011 Years That The Locust Hast Eaten 
Ps JJ Lim January 30, 2011 The Regathering of Israel & Judah 
Ps JJ Lim January 23, 2011 Praise to Jehovah the Living and True God 
Ps JJ Lim January 16, 2011 Praise for Our Great God of Redemption 
Ps JJ Lim January 9, 2011 Messiah, The Condescension of God Transcendent 
Charles H. Spurgeon  January 2, 2011 Life In Christ 
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