Psalm 71

       1  O Lord, my hope and confidence
             is placed in thee alone;
          Then let thy servant never be
             put to confusion.

       2  And let me, in thy righteousness,
             from thee deliv'rance have;
          Cause me escape, incline thine ear
             unto me, and me save.

       3  Be thou my dwelling-rock, to which
             I ever may resort:
          Thou gav'st commandment me to save,
             for thou'rt my rock and fort.

       4  Free me, my God, from wicked hands,
             hands cruel and unjust:
       5  For thou, O Lord God, art my hope,
             and from my youth my trust.

       6  Thou from the womb didst hold me up;
             thou art the same that me
          Out of my mother's bowels took;
             I ever will praise thee.

       7  To many I a wonder am;
             but thou'rt my refuge strong.
       8  Filled let my mouth be with thy praise
             and honor all day long.

       9  O do not cast me off, when as
             old age doth overtake me;
          And when my strength decayed is,
             then do not thou forsake me.

      10  For those that are mine enemies
             against me speak with hate;
          And they together counsel take
             that for my soul lay wait.

      11  They said, God leaves him; him pursue
             and take: none will him save.
      12  Be thou not far from me, my God:
             thy speedy help I crave.

      13  Confound, consume them, that unto
             my soul are enemies:
          Clothed be they with reproach and shame
             that do my hurt devise.

      14  But I with expectation
             will hope continually;
          And yet with praises more and more
             I will thee magnify.

      15  Thy justice and salvation
             my mouth abroad shall show,
          Ev'n all the day; for I thereof
             the numbers do not know.

      16  And I will constantly go on
             in strength of God the Lord;
          And thine own righteousness, ev'n thine
             alone, I will record.

      17  For even from my youth, O God,
             by thee I have been taught;
          And hitherto I have declared
             the wonders thou hast wrought.

      18  And now, Lord, leave me not, when I
             old and gray-headed grow:
          Till to this age thy strength and pow'r
             to all to come I show.

      19  And thy most perfect righteousness
             O Lord, is very high,
          Who hast so great things done: O God,
             who is like unto thee?

      20  Thou, Lord, who great adversities,
             and sore, to me didst show,
          Shalt quicken, and bring me again
             from depths of earth below.

      21  My greatness and my pow'r thou wilt
             increase, and far extend:
          On ev'ry side against all grief
             thou wilt me comfort send.

      22  Thee, ev'n thy truth, I'll also praise,
             my God, with psaltery:
          Thou Holy One of Israel,
             with harp I'll sing to thee.

      23  My lips shall much rejoice in thee,
             when I thy praises sound;
          My soul, which thou redeemed hast,
             in joy shall much abound.

      24  My tongue thy justice shall proclaim,
             continuing all day long;
          For they confounded are, and shamed,
             that seek to do me wrong.