I graduated from Oklahoma Wesleyan University with a degree in elementary education.  Currently, I am also certified to teach English for grades 6-12.  For six years, I taught in Wichita, KS, before moving to Belleville where my husband is the Wesleyan pastor. We have been blessed with five great children!  I love teaching in the Pike Valley School District where I also am the high school cheer coach. Go Panthers!

8:00-8:20 Homeroom
8:23-9:03 1st Hour: 7th Language Arts
9:06-9:46 2nd Hour: 7th Social Studies
9:49-10:29 3rd Hour: 8th Social Studies
10:32-11:09 4th Hour: 6th Language Arts
11:12-11:50 5th Hour: 6th Social Studies
11:52-12:17 Lunch
12:20-1:00 6th Hour: 8th Language Arts
1:03-1:43 7th Hour: Reading/MTSS
1:46-2:33 8th Hour: Study Hall
2:36-3:28 PE/Plan