Pittsfield High School Driver Education Classroom

Student will have around 35 assignments that will be graded.  Grades are figured on a total point system.  Letter grade are posted weekly.
Grade Scale:
100-93%  =A
92-85% = B
84-77%= C
76-70% = D
69%-0% = F
Homework is due at the beginning of class the following day.
        a). Homework must be handed in on time and totally completed.
         b). Late Homework:
                1). First late home work is worth only 50%, due next day.
                2). Second late homework is 0% but can be turned in at the end                         of school for 50% grade.
                3). Third late homework is 0% and worth 25% of grade.
                4). All late homework turned in after this is worth 1%.
All home work will be completed in order to pass the classroom portion of Driver Education.
If student misses a day of class they must get thier assignment the following school day and have assignment turned in next classroom time.  If homework is not turned at that time it will be graded as late homework.
Unexcused absences are 0% and can not be made up.
Illinios State law requires student to pass 30 hours of classroom instruction. 
NO CELL PHONES in the classroom or in the Driver Educaiton car.