Indiana Urban Schools Association

Dr. David Marcotte, Executive Director

Dr. Jeff Hauswald, President - Dr. Nikki Woodson, Vice President - Dr. Flora Reichanadter, Secretary - Dr. Jeff Butts, Treasurer

The Indiana Urban School Association is a 501c4 organization representing Indiana public school districts who educate all students while breaking barriers for children living with different life circumstances.

The mission of IUSA is to passionately advocate for children attending urban public schools in Indiana. Our primary focus is to campaign for the financial and political support necessary for urban students to be both academically and socially successful as contributing members of their communities. Activities to accomplish this primary focus include cooperation among the membership, coordinating information, lobbying legislators, providing data supporting our position, and be an active and visible participant in the political process.

  • 35 Public School Districts belong to IUSA
  • Our organization serves 365,000 students (31% Indiana public school enrollment)
  • Demographic Characteristics – Member districts reflect one or more of the following traits of significant student enrollment:
        • Urban/Suburban Centers
        • English Language Learners (62% Indiana public school enrollment)
        • Minority Student Population
        • Special Education
        • Poverty

Central Purposes

IUSA serves the needs of urban children in a way that will have a positive general impact on public education in Indiana by:

Advocating and supporting a legislative agenda at the local and state levels that recognizes the unique needs of urban children in Indiana;

Providing a forum in which the needs of the urban community can be considered and addressed;

Cooperating with other organizations that have an interest in the educational advancement of urban children;

Providing services and programs specifically designed for the use of urban schools, and their students, faculty, and administration;

Supporting programs and activities designed to benefit all children in Indiana schools.

Contact Information:

Dr. David Marcotte, Executive Director

Dr. Jeff Hauswald, President Kokomo Schools

Dr. Nikki Woodson, Vice President MSD Washington Township Schools

Dr. Flora Reichanadter, Secretary MSD Pike Township Schools

Dr. Jeff Butts, Treasurer MSD Wayne Township Schools