P3/5 (Sem 1) Civics

No law is quite appropriate for all  ~Titus Livy

Civics encompasses a study of the American government system with emphasis on the US government and its institutions. 

Topics covered will include the following: the basic legal system of the US; political affiliation, participation, and the voting process; executive, legislative and judicial branches of government, and individual rights. Some time with be spent covering international forms of government and state government structures. 

Class discussions, lectures, simulations, and problem solving through individual and group projects will be the dominant modes of instruction. This course is required for graduation.

 Course Pacing Guide 
Semester Class
        Progress Report 1 (10 Classes)

Marking Period 1 (9 Classes)

PR 2 (8 Classes)

MP2 (8 Classes)

PR 3 (9 Classes)

MP 3 (9 Classes)