PUSD Evaluation Process Resources

Welcome to the resource website for the certificated employee evaluation process! **The website has been converted to a new Google Site and "Classic" Google Sites are being discontinued. (11/11/2021)**

Latest revision to the Evaluation Process Guidebook was made in August 2016. Changes for 2016-17 include:

  • Parent survey is no longer anonymous

  • clarification around 5 year plan

  • additional specialist standards available

The Goal Setting Conference Agreement is part of an EVALUATION PROCESS PACKET. The packet contains many of things needed for evaluation including the component timeline, the data reflections, peer observation, and survey reflections in addition to the Goal Setting Conference Agreement. In essence the major components to be shared with the evaluator have been consolidated into one aptly named document.

This site and process documents are ever evolving. The latest versions of forms, surveys and other resources will always be found below.

If you are logged in to a Google account, you may File->Make a Copy to get your own editable and shareable version of the document.

Evaluation Process Forms and Resources

Evaluation Surveys

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