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Google Drive Folders


Upon registration, Pictographr will automatically created a main folder, called Pictographr, and several subfolders within it that will each hold specific types of files:
  1. Files - Pictographr data files.  Double clicking each file within this folder will launch Pictographr if settings are configured.
  2. Images - Contains images that have been a) Rendered with Pictographr then Saved to Drive, or b) Uploaded via a selection within the canvas.  Any images found in this folder can be retrieved within Pictographr.  If you have images you want accessible within Pictographr you should manually place them in here.
  3. PDFs - Anytime you render a PDF within Pictographr, a PDF is automatically stored in this folder.
  4. Share - Whenever you share a rendered image to a social media platform or as a shared URL within Pictographr, the image is automatically stored here so it can be viewed on the internet.  If you delete any image found here, you can disable the post you shared associated with it.
  5. Temp - Pictographr uses this folder for systems operations. Behind the scene, files are created and removed right away.
  6. Templates - This folder will be in use for an advanced feature on a future version.  We will be offering a way to store frequently used designs as shareable templates.