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PICO United Florida is a network of federations of congregations in Orange County (FOCUS), Brevard County (Congregations for Community Action), Alachua County (ACTION Network), and congregations in Seminole, Escambia, St. Lucie, and Osceola Counties. Our 53 congregations represent more than 60,000 families and reach low to moderate income communities in each city.  Denominations and faiths include: AME Methodist, Missionary Baptist, Catholic, Episcopal, Jewish, Presbyterian, Non-denominational, United Church of Christ, and United Methodist.   


PICO  United Florida has been newly formed to develop a powerful grass roots constituency to ensure that public policy and resources are serving the needs of low- and moderate-income families across the state.   Our mission is to strengthen and develop a network of grass roots organizations across the state of Florida. As a result, over 50 congregations and communities will expand grass roots leadership, identify a shared vision for their city and the State of Florida, and address pressing needs affecting 2.1million people and 210,000 low to moderate income families.

Our congregation community organizations work locally in each of our counties, together across the state, and nationally through the PICO National Network (http://www.piconetwork.org/). We recently partnered with state agencies and legislators to build support to improve enrollment in KidCare (children’s health insurance) in Florida that will shorten waiting periods, and make enrollment easier for families. There are 500,000 eligible but uninsured children in Florida, the second highest state in the country.