Thank you for visiting the website for Ms Pantazopoulos' music class!  We are always singing, moving and playing instruments in music class.  The goal of our music class is to teach students to be tuneful, beatful, and artful in their musical experiences.  Tuneful means that they should be able to sing several tunes from memory as a solo when they leave music class.  Beatful means that they will be able to move and feel the pulse of any music.  Artful means that they can move expressively and feel the expressiveness in all music.

Harmony Elementary Daily Schedule
8:10-8:55  2nd grade
9:00-9:45    4th grade
10:10-10:55    1st grade
11:30-12:15   Kindergarten
12:50-1:35      3rd grade
1:50- 2:35  5th grade

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