Welcome to my class and website! I truly hope that your experience will be educational and rewarding.  
    The only materials needed for my class are pencils, loose-leaf paper, and a willingness to learn.  

    I enjoy teaching and look forward to working with my students and parents. 
    I hope you find everything you need on this site, but please do not hesitate to contact me.

Here are some sites that your child will want to use.
Review Game Zone   gives students access to games I have created to review for tests.  Type Fowler into 'teacher name' box on  right.  Choose Darlene Fowler and all the games I have created are there.  Choose the correct title for the  test you want to review for and play as you learn.

Quizlet for Mrs. Fowler's Science Class  which is an internet site that has interactive ways to study vocabulary.  I created many sets and will give students the set numbers so they can find the ones I made for them.  To go directly to my quizzes on quizlet, put the address into your browser. Choose the chapter we are working on and have fun while your learn.

www.classzone.com  gives students access to visualizations, interactive activities and other sites related to science.  No login or password needed.